Fiverr Community Forum do I get paid?

I just made my first “gig”

At no point do I recall being asked where I would like my money to be paid ( ie, paypal )

How does the customer pay, and how does it reach me ?

Also, what safeguards are in place to prevent someone getting a job done, and then just simply not paying for it ?

I have not yet got my first gig but this question is already wondering in my mind maybe with this post we both get some help.

I think this will help:

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When a buyer buys your gig, he/she already have paid in advance for it in Fiverr. When you successfully complete your order, the money starts to transfer to your account, and it takes 14 days for the money to reach to your account (you can check the progress from Selling>Earnings).

So you get paid after 14 days from completing the order.

Now, from Earning, in the Withdraw row, you’ll see 3 options for withdrawal. Once there is money in account, you can choose any of those methods to Withdraw/transfer the money to you.


If you’ve done the order and it has been marked as complete, then you’ve been paid. The only exception is you can’t withdraw until Fiverr verify’s the payment. That verification is time for the buyer to vet the product. It takes about 14 days, after which, you can see the funds close to your profile after Fiverr has removed her 20% commission that is. Then to withdraw, simply click on selling on the top right of your screen, then earnings from the drop down menu and click on the processor you want; paypal, revenue card or Bank.


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