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So, how do you guys deal with muscle pain?

So, how do you guys deal with muscle pain after a long day of typing?

my shoulder is really bothering me…



I haven’t felt pain or even slightly ill since I started eating a block of butter every day. Do a full body reset. Fast for a week or two and just eat fat, red meat, and cabbage thereafter.

You are designed to be a predator. Fine-tune your latent predatory physiology and instincts, and you will become a pinnacle of health. - Just be warned that you might experience an unexpected testosterone boost, start going bald quickly, and according to medical professionals, have several heart attacks a day for the rest of your life.

Or you could just put some ice on it… :slight_smile:


:roll_eyes: G-zus man…

I hope the heart disease is worth it


Take breaks. Look at ergonomics. Maybe see if you’re using a good keyboard, chair position, monitor (height etc), how you’re typing (positioning), posture etc.

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Hi @richardfmendes,

Try rubbing magnesium chloride directly where you feel the pain and also try supplementing with magnesium and complex B vitamin. Both of them are essential for muscles and nerve system.

Body looses magnesium through sweat during hot weather and it also over uses magnesium and complex B vitamin during stress situations, prolonged working periods with little sleeping and rest, etc.

If you’re eating correctly with the greatest variety of possible foods, then suplementation (MgCL & Complex B) and rest/sleep will do the trick.

Hope this helps!

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In starting days of your workout you feel muscle pain. if you continuously do your workout you will get rid off.


Yes, exercising and eating correctly…

I mean, Yes, of course!

Of course, I am… hehe… why wouldn’t I? right?

I live a very ealthy lifestile, yes, indeed.



We all have been there :sweat_smile:

In the meantime, just try what I told you about rubbing your shoulder, supplementing and resting a little more (if you can) :wink:

Go get a massage!!!

I try to get one once a month. It can be pricy, but if you know where to look you can
sometimes find a cheaper place.
Or ask a friend to give you one.
It’s great to have a friend who is very good at giving massages, and yes,
I usually buy them lunch or something afterwards. :smiley:


I thought you are a nutrition expert till i read you last sentence :rofl:

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I went to a physical therapist for this issue. They gave me several exercises to do. If you search for “exercises for shoulder pain” you will find some. My pain went on for years before I addressed it. The exercises and magnesium helped, but what really fixed the problem was dry needling. Kind of like acupuncture but different. It works!

My PT did this too.

That’s our Andy! :wink: :laughing:

I am a nutrition expert. The last sentance was only to deter the 'OMG! You’re going to have a heart attack!" crowd.

That said, I did used to be vegetarian, then vegan, and each time also thought I was a nutritional expert. - The main thing is, no ones died yet. :slight_smile:

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Agree with Mrs. @vickiespencer about the dry needling. I found myself better with it (the benefits are more than relieving your stressed muscle. FYI, i recovered from partial blindness after took some acupuncture treatment)

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