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So, how DOES fiverr handle copyright issues? (asking for a friend)


Kidding, asking for myself.

I’m in the process of creating a new gig. One that’s generously inspired by an AfterEffects template I saw on videohive. It’s not going to be a carbon copy - boooring and I am also going to make it better :grin: - but it will look similar enough that I fear people might feel inclined to report it.

What would happen then? And most importantly, would I get the chance to prove¹ it’s my genuine work² before fiverr takes action?

¹ easily done as I’m not using AE
² there isn’t much in the way of intellectual property here. A photocube and the way instagram posts look.


Steal, recreate, infringe whatever you like. It’s the Fiverr way.


Since you will have the source file templates, you MIGHT have a fighting chance in the event the gig gets pulled down.


So it’s guilty until proven innocent, huh?


Shop around the video intro category. Then visit the explainer sub category.

then if you still have 5 minutes, browse the promotional video category.

can you see what’s happening out there?

do you see anyone giving a rat’s ass?

You also need to register your design as soon as you are done, before publishing it.

that’s what I do with all of my videos. that way if there’s someone stupid enough to send me a DMCA, I can compare source files, dates of publication etc


Si, man…