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So how has May been for you?


For me, it was same as usual; hit my average monthly figure on Fiverr. What about you?


I’m over the average and even over my Christmas earnings :sunglasses:
Waiting to see what remains after the tide…


It’s been really hot for me. (Around 44 degree Celsius)


Started raining here :slight_smile:


Weather is nice, trying to get adjusted to my new time zone, spent too much money in May - broke. Vacation was expensive but nice.

I actually made $ on my freelancing - not a lot but more than what I had. :grinning: Trying to set up my blog & website, expensive.

I heard it takes :moneybag: to make :moneybag:, so, going :shopping_bags: to spend :money_with_wings:.

Hey, @djgodknows, @nikavoice or @n4y33m, gif or cartoon meme of shopping - ধন্যবাদ, thanks.




It’s been great but the new changes have got me seriously concerned. The majority of my sales came from adverts and repeat clients so kinda worried about the future.


it was not that good. lets see what happens after may.


Isn’t that a good thing?


Freelancing is very uncertain. You are lucky to have a high paying regular job and do the writing and other stuff part-time. To depend only on a freelance income is very difficult. But then, where I am, jobs are uncertain too, so basically life is uncertain. Don’t think too far ahead into the future, do your best for today, but save as much as possible. [General advice for everyone]. [ As Nassim Nicholas Taleb says in The Black Swan, if you want to survive and thrive in today’s world, embrace uncertainty.]


No…it’s not. The guy that handles my advertising won’t be available starting next month and I’ve exhausted nearly all my repeat clients and none of them will be needing new content for like 1 - 2 weeks. So in short, I’m in a tight place. Really hoping I get some traffic from Fiverr next month. Completed like 70 (20 were from Fiverr) orders with 5 stars this month so hopefully, it’ll result in my gigs ranking a bit better.
On that note, Gina you’re a buyer, right? Could you like tell me what you search for when looking for a gig?


70 orders a month is a lot, you have no reason to worry. Just keep going and stay calm. But if your family depends on you, also take up a steady offline job, even a low paying one, in addition to the freelancing. Do you have eBay in Pakistan? Maybe you can try selling on eBay, there is always a market for that. I gave up eBay only after I started making a decent income on Fiverr. eBay is for the domestic market, Fiverr is for the global market. In emerging economies, there is a huge demand for online shopping. Here’s what I did - picked up books from second-hand bookshops, packaged them, cleaned them up, and sold them as “used books in mint condition” on eBay, for a 25% to 50% profit.


[details=Off Topic for ssj1236]Whatever search word that comes to my mind.

For example, today I was looking for line drawing, so that’s what I put in the search bar. It was irritating as at least half were Photoshop, comics, etc. - nothing to do with silhouette, line drawing.

I finally asked forum for help on which words to input, in case I missed something. I received great suggestions, but it was all something I had already done.

I thought that whole search ranking, algorithm thing was to fix all that. Well, it didn’t work. I only found one seller that came pretty close to what I want.


Well I earned around 155$ in two days in two orders I didn’t have any other orders for now.I will buy iPhone 5s with that money probably so yea


yeah, my family does depend on me hence me being insecure about every little thing I do. The main issue is that the guy I use to market my gigs is going for Hajj next month and most of my repeat clients aren’t going to need new content anytime soon. Plus, the ranking for my gigs has been incredibly weird like seriously broken or something.

In either case, I’ll look for another advert guy and hopefully things will go well in June.

@gina_riley2 thanks for the info, glad to know the Fiverr search is pretty broken.


I have no idea how marketing works. I will ask later, when you are settled and I am free.


Thanks, man, you rock.


Gosh! have you just said “ধন্যবাদ”?

The shopping .gif for you @G

And, for me:


I am happy for the persons who had good sales in May, however it was extremely slow for me. Hope it will be better in June.


My advice to you is to spend a very small amount of money on website design and setup. Focus on the content and promotion for now. Who knows if your website will get ranked or not? Do you know how much it cost me to set up my personal website? Just $12 (yes, I used a coupon). Moreover, I designed it myself, with the help of a plugin which cost me around $60.
All in all, website appearance should not be among your top priorities while stepping into a new niche.