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So how has May been for you?


How this eBay thing works by the way?


[details=You asked for it, I delivered. =)]



May has been above average (maybe this month will become the new average :slight_smile:). However, I changed my prices on the 25th so I won’t know until June what the new normal will be.


May has been lonely, exciting, traveling in Ethiopia, finding it facinating, managed to deliver two jobs, but mostly trying to enjoy what this country has to offer, I find the people nice, weather very nice (Addis Ababa has fine weather), the internet is a bit slow but it is ok.

Oooh! Are you asking about orders? Well, I always have few orders throughout the year, I enjoy them since I am doing this for my free time, it is worth it and I am having the time of my life.

Orders will come, I suggest people take advantage of the slow time, to explore what other gigs they can possibly offer and relax, read a book, visit a friend, plan a trip, watch a movie, learn new skills and live life. :slight_smile: And that goes for both those who do this full time or part time. Life is short, don’t make it shorter by worrying about orders or anything else.


April was better, but this month is not so bad. Hope I’ll reach my average income by the end of this month.


Very easy, just visit eBay and find out, can get started within 60 minutes.


How has May been? Beter than April, I’d say. Oh, it has been better than each of my individual months on fiverr. April has become my reference point for “terrible,” but that was more diwn to me than anything else. I was busy as hell with family stuff.

I’ve already surpassed my monthly average this month, I’m almost done with a personal ebook (an achievement with my tight schedule), and I still have quite a handful of orders in queue. So, yeah.


Awful, not a single sale, nice weather though


I just started back this month after taking a LOT of time off so not that bad considering but no where near where I was


40% less compared to March-April