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So how to get orders and ranking, after 5-7 months?


Hi everyone.
I was studying and couldn’t give much time to fiverr. But now i am back to work and want to get orders which has become more difficult .I used to receive good amount of orders 5-7 months back. Could you guys please give advise, what can i do to get orders and clicks?


Its getting difficult day by day.
We have to advertise to targeted audience


Things are going mad in my categories, with sales up 100%+ over last month, which was already a good month. However, you’re not the first person in graphic design who has had a challenging time lately.

This is probably not a factor, but your leading gig has a typo in its title: It reads “I will design an unique and professional brochure or flyer,” But should be “I will design a unique…”

Another idea: Try using “flier” instead of “flyer.” Flyer is the British spelling (Quoting some article I found online: “53.6% of the 4,335,253 sold gigs [on Fiverr] were purchased by buyers in the United States. The next most frequent buyers are the United Kingdom -10.3% – followed by Canada - 5.5%…” So “flier” should be the most popular way to search for fliers on Fiverr, but “flyer” produces 10 pages of results, while “flier” brings up only 1.

In other words, the most popular way for Americans to search for your product is 1/10th as competitive as the most popular way for UKers to search for the same. Flier may give you better results.