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So, how was your week?

Hey guys, :smiley:

I thought it would be nice to have a little chat about how we have been doing this week.

I don’t know if there is already something like this here, (if there is, I’m sorry about the redundancy but here we go:

So, how was your week? did something nice happen?

Mine was nice, I was really busy with that ongoing transcription project and translation, but I finally got some free time this weekend.

My sales are still going slow, but they are going and that’s what matters.

I actually got 2 this weekend, one from a returning client and the other from a new one, small stuff, but better than nothing, plus each new positive review is a step forward to getting more sales right?

Speaking of which, a client said he recommended me to a friend and I told him to tell his friend to mention his name and I would give her a discount, to sweeten the deal you know? a little incentive… good idea? bad? :thinking:

Oh, and some of you may remember that I was working on localizing a game, well, it wasn’t a paid job, I did it for the experience, to break in in the gaming industry and localization you know? we agreed that I was going to do it for my name in the credits and a good reference on Proz.

But the thing is, a couple days after I delivered the job, the client decided to pay me! And full price too!

That was awesome! :star_struck:

So, how about you, how was your week?

Let’s start a conversation, we can make this a weekly thing; that would be nice right?



Nice thread :slightly_smiling_face:
My week was ok, we just got out of a mega heatwave (broke some records up here in Canada), so honestly working was not fun and I just wanted to sleep all day. We don’t have central A/C, just a window unit, so I’m not able to work with it on which makes it extra torturous! Luckily I didn’t have that many sales so I was able to garner up enough motivation to finish up what I needed to without stressing too much.

Plus wrote some music, practiced it a bit and that was pretty much it!


Hi everyone,
Hope everything is good great with you guys :slight_smile:

This week is great for me,
Business is good, order keep coming, and family is happy too. Feel Grateful :slight_smile:
and Planning to add more photography service on my business.

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi


Mine was nice too. I just got an order 2 hours ago after 9 days with no sales. Spending 2 weeks for working on 2 branding projects is really great, but getting no sales while working on them make me a little bit discouraged. But it is not a problem anymore :grin:

Yes, it is!

It’s not good. It’s brilliant!! Nothings better than a small reward for a loyal client referral marketing.

Well, it seems that you are an experienced and dedicated translator. I’ve heard that talented translators and interpreters (with BA degree, certified status, or years of experience) gathered on Proz. You have done a big step to build your presence in the saturated market. Two thumbs up!! :grinning:


This is awesome! What a great thing to do something nice and still be happy because it’s an opportunity and then get an extra reward! I think many sellers could learn from this. I hope it leads to lots of work for you in the gaming industry. I’m a gamer and I have some very good games that weren’t originally in English, so I’m thankful there are people who can do that!

I don’t see any reason why not. I think it is especially nice to hear some positives when possible since we see lots of ranting on the forum. For that reason, I’ll try to stick to positives in my comments.

My week was insanely busy, but I earned some good money and learned a lot! On Tuesday I went to a monthly meeting of local Rockhounds. One mineral is always highlighted and you can compete with a found specimen or a crafted item. This month was “metals” so I made a little piece of jewelry out of some solder, hematite and iron. Mine won a prize in the beginner category since I’ve been rock collecting for ages but only crafting for less than a year.

On Thursday my spouse’s new puppy, Ripley, was 7 weeks old. We found a flea on her and we think she picked it up in the yard since our cats have no fleas. We have wild possums and raccoons, so maybe it came from that. We took the Ripley to the pet store and got flea medicine and let some children pet her and she did great!

I found out this week that my father has finally been scheduled for an appointment with a neurologist on July 30. This is GREAT news because he has a serious condition that may be treatable if the neurologist agrees to take the case. We’ve been waiting months to get an appointment. Tomorrow is my Dad’s 84th birthday, so today I am delivering as many orders as I can so I can take tomorrow off.

That’s the major stuff for me! @leahemme I hope that you have a cooler week coming up! If not may the music carry you away! @ridwansugi good luck with your photography addition! @pandumstudio, congrats on your order! The luck usually comes back around at some point!


My week has been busy with family. :couple_with_heart_woman_man: We had a national holiday :us: on the 4th :fireworks: , and I took care of my two your grandchildren :couple: on the other 4 weekdays. Those two wear my hubby and me out. They arrive at 7:30 am and are picked up at 5:30 pm. So we have them for :keycap_ten: hours. We so enjoyed sleeping in on Wednesday and Saturday after the adventures we had with them the days we had them.

As for Fiverr, I got my first $300 order :moneybag: , and I am excited but concerned about getting it done on time :mantelpiece_clock: . The buyer was kind enough to let me have a 30-day delivery, so I think I will be fine. However, I did as @fonthaunt suggested and put the limit on all my gigs but one to :zero: until I see how time intensive this order is. I am happy :blush:, life in general and life on Fiverr is excellent :nerd_face:!


My granddad was a Rockhound! I have several rock necklaces, keychains and bracelets he made. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I hope the best for your father :smile:
It’s great when someone remember about your birthday (i wonder why a birthday tart appears on my username).


I mean, who doesn’t like to be remembered and loved?

If only I have a chance to be busy with my family, rather than busy with college-life and sketches :cry:

I definitely agree with this. I’ve been seeing those rantings, and and i’ve been stressed enough to read those serious posts.

And finally, I admit that this forum really brings its benefit as there are some who still care about being positive. Thanks to @fonthaunt and @vickiespencer , both of you remind me of my family :smile:


Hi,wow heatwave in Canada.

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Wow, this thread was more popular than I tough, that’s nice, let’s try to make this a weekly thing. after all, it is nice to have a place to just put things out there, just out then down in words, take then off the chest you know…

quote=“leahemme, post:2, topic:257970”]
Plus wrote some music, practiced it a bit and that was pretty much it!

Rock on Girl! :sunglasses:

Nice, I’m always looking for new ways to expand and diversificate myself. never keep all your eggs in the same basket, cotta compete with those robots after all. :robot:

Freelancing is a rollercoaster ride my friend:expressionless: when you are not overworked you are underworked.

Gotta keep on keeping on, save on the good times to compensate for the bad, its a wild ride but the freedom is worth it. :grinning:

That’s awesome, my grandma is 85 and she will operate for cataracts soon. :older_woman:

That’s Nice, I’m working on a $300 order myself, but I asked the client to chop it down into 3 parts to get more reviews. someone told me that more reviews are better on Fiverr, that’s ok to do right? :thinking:

Lets hope this week is good as well :grinning:


I did this too by using milestones. However, my goal was to deliver it gradually, so I would not be overwhelmed. I never thought about the reviews. But, then, I believe with milestones there is only one review. :thinking: