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So I bought a couple gigs, but traffic does not match what I am being told

Okay, I purchased 4 different gigs to supply traffic to 2 different websites. Both sites have visitor counters on them as well as conversion counters. When I look at how many people visited my site, they (all 4) are showing 1000’s of hits. Now I am new, and I do not want to provide negative feedback for anyone, but can someone help me understand why the discrepancy?

Which type of web site traffic your expecting?

The discrepancy is that you paid money for a dubious service. That’s it, really.

what are you being told?

I don’t quite care about whether the discrepancy is the number of hits or the existence of conversions. I can only “congrat” you on being likely a victim of the notorious scams of website traffic gigs on Fiverr.

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