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So I can make a new post

Fascinating. Anyway, I’m on vacation mode till October 3…I know I’ll sink in search results for that, but don’t have a choice. I am already booked, believe it or not, for the next 40 days. Most of them are long-term orders, with dozens of articles. I don’t know how long I can survive with just old buyers, but I’ve been doing fine for the last 4-5 months with them. I’ve had pretty decent months despite virtually taking myself off Fiverr search, first with limit orders and now with vacation mode. I still work 13-14 hours a day, but make it a point to run every morning (I missed today!). So, that’s a change. And have given up Twitter completely (well had a glance for 5 minutes today). Anyway, that’s my world :slight_smile: Thank you for reading this.

So how am I booked for 40 days? Custom order runs for 30 days max. Okay - I’ve told four buyers to make the order, but submit the information in 10 days time :slight_smile: I’ve got some really great buyers, they listen to what I say, and I do my best work for them :slight_smile:

You probably feel exhausted and overworked here. A lot of new sellers would love to be you right now! XD
Competition for the lower levels is rough. Good job on your success!

No, I work hard, but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t enjoy it :slight_smile: