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So, I can only cancel a gig and get a refund if the seller LETS me?

I just received my “logo” which was so bad it was insulting. I could have come up with something better on a Publisher program. So, I decided not to struggle with this person since there was no “revising” this design. When I submitted the cancellation it said my order would be cancelled if the seller agreed. WHAT? or should I say WTF? Can someone explain this to me?

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Yes and no. You submitted for mutual cancellation, and the seller can choose to refuse. From their POV, they delivered something to you and you didn’t ask for modifications.

If they refuse to refund and you truly believe you didn’t get what was promised in the gig, you can go to customer support ( and request them to cancel it manually. At that point they’ll review it and decide whether or not you got what the gig stated. That being said, I don’t know if they evaluate quality. If the gig says “I’ll make a logo” and you got a logo, even if it’s terrible, they may not refund because there was no guarantee it would be to your liking. If that happens, then leave the seller a bad review. Bad reviews are weighted heavily and can sink an account quickly.

I know it sounds crappy, but the process protects sellers from people who might buy stuff and immediately request a refund. It’s not like returning a pair of shoes, the time that person spent is gone, so it wouldn’t be fair to someone doing a good job. Unless you really got scammed, you may not get your money back.

Fiverr Customer Support

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It works both ways. As a seller I have requested a mutual cancellation when I could not meet the buyers demands and they refused. I must of had to go round and round with them trying to explain that they asked me to make a modification after delivery that I was not capable of doing. Time is as precious as money and I hate having my time wasted by nonsense.

One thing you as a buyer have over sellers is ratings. If for some reason the seller gets his way, your rating can cause disaster to his business. Not the case when rating buyers…it means nothing.

Lastly, contact customer service they should take care of it.

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If a seller isn’t giving you a refund, they didn’t learn that from me.

what irritates me is given a refund after someone leaves bad feedback because it makes the process message. ALWAYS ask for a refund before leaving negative feedback.

Did you ask for a modification first? Even if you were insulted, you should tell the seller this is not what you asked for (you did give clear instruction I am assuming) and ask them to redo it. Then if they will not, or they redo it and it’s still horrible, ask for a cancellation.

While many people still get away with scamming the system, if anyone could just order a gig, say they don’t like the work and get a refund, there would be tons more scamming people out of money than there already are.

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Just like Buyers, Sellers have the right to accept or deny a mutual cancellation. Customer Support or the opposing party cannot force the other to accept cancellation.

Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Modifications for your delivered order, cannot not be done based on personal taste. This is Fiverr’s policy. See:

If your seller doesn’t offer revisions, or mentions it in their Gig description, it’s best to revisit what materials and instructions were sent to them and communicate your concerns to them directly. This is the best and most preferred practice when it comes to resolving issues within an order - as Customer Service will not settle these conflicts.


Update: Fortunately, the seller agreed to the cancellation. I pointed out to her that her gig was advertised as “I will create a vintage design” and she had all these examples to back that up. The design she sent me looked nothing like that style. I also gave very explicit information as to what I was needing, my target customer, as well as a link to the website where my products would be sold. I did ask for a revision at first but then realized it would just be a waste of time for both parties since she obviously didn’t “get” what I was looking for. Now I’m afraid to try again with someone else. Guess you can’t set your expectations too high for $20.00.


Great news, Sweetpea.

Don’t worry, my friend. There are many better sellers on Fiverr. One month latter I ordered a painting and the file look not as their Gig’s samples, then they actively cancel my order when I modified. He is a level 2 seller.

I was very disappointed. But four days ago, I would order other seller some pictures for my daughter. And so wonderful! It’s very beautiful, than expected, delivery soon and extremely lovely seller! She is just a new seller, but I will definitely order her again. My conclusion is: the level and the samples may not be reliable, best to refer to other buyers and your experiences.

Usually the story has 2 sides.

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Reply to @sweetpea2: Did you actually say in your instructions to the seller, that you specifically wanted a design like the ones in the portfolio? While a portfolio should be an indication of style, a portfolio does not mean you will get artwork just like it.

Did you get your refund?

And yes, for $20 if you are looking for someone to really interpret target markets, research websites that sell yours and similar items to evaluate competition, $20 may not cut it. Logo design out in the real freelance world can run several hundreds of dollars actually.

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Reply to @dyanforget: I agree, Levels and Samples don’t always equal good purchase, but rather reviews and emailing a seller before hand to ask questions and see if they are a good fit for you helps.

Reply to @sweetpea2: Sometimes you get what you pay for. That being said, Fiverr wouldn’t still be around if that’s what you could expect from every seller. If you want to try again, all you can do is try to vet the next seller better. Maybe your luck will be better next time. At least you got your money back.

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In my experience, it’s best to communicate with the seller prior to ordering the gig and communicate your expectations clearly. It’s always best to give as much information as possible…over explain yourself. Be clear about your expectations on every aspect of the job (as much as your concept/idea is defined). Ask the seller if this is something they are interested in doing (I choose that wording because I don’t ever want to put someone in a position where they feel like they have to say that they are not ABLE to do it, but rather that they aren’t interested or don’t have time…something that doesn’t require self-incrimination). Sometimes it still just doesn’t work out, and that has happened to me once, but the seller was reasonable with the cancellation.

I do always request a modification at least once before cancelling. Give the seller a chance to try again. Maybe try explaining what you don’t like about the first version.

In the end, always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. It goes a long way.

If every time someone was hired and then after they did the work they had to give the money back it would be hard for people to earn money.

Buyer’s need to be sure before they hire someone they will like what they get.

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should also work the other way. sellers are now cancelling gigs and wasting buyer time because they have too many orders. negative feedback should be able to be given

It’s good to hear that you got this resolved :slight_smile: Sorry about the bad experience!

In future if your seller isn’t responding to your cancellation request, that alone can be grounds to cancel. I’ve actually had this in reverse, where a seller totally stopped responding and I didn’t have any of the necessary information to complete the gig. CS cancelled the order without his permission.

Reply to @sweetpea2: a little secret… many of the providers of these vintage logo are just using Photoshop or Illustrator templates. Google “vintage logo templates” and you’ll see what I mean.

From there, you can pick the template you like and then take it to a Photoshop or Illustrator provider here on fiverr to generate for you (or have a friend do it for you).

The sad reality is that many logo designers aren’t illustrating anything, rather just modifying templates or using logo generation programs. In fact, offering logo services based off of these templates often violates the license associated with the templates.

And look, there’s nothing wrong with using a template, so long as you know… it’s from a template.

I would be more than happy to help anyone in a tricky situation regarding their order.

Are you mad??