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So I created two guitar solos for half price ($2.50) and the guy refuses to pay

I should have known. I offered to create a guitar solo (I’m a guitar instructor with 20 years experience) for $5 just to meet some new folks. I get an offer from a guy to create 2 solos for $5. How cheap can one guy get? So I figure, what the heck and I create 2 solos. The backing tracks, always dictate the solo. If the track is a raw, rock track, one does not play Yngwie licks over top of it. Sadly, this was lost on our customer. So he decides to not pay me the crummy $5. What a slap in the face. Wasted several hours writing good solos to really bad music for nothing. Not off to a promising start here. Here are both solos over the backing tracks provided just for reference.

You shouldn’t be spending hours on anything for $5.

Chalk it up to experience.

Was doing it for free basically to try to create a new relationship which is the entire point of FIVERR as far as I can tell. But for the guy to not pay the crummy 5 bux, was just lame.

Did you deliver a product before an order was placed? On Fiverr, a buyer is supposed to order before a seller even lifts a finger. This guarantees both parties are protected throughout the transaction.

Yeah. That guy does have a bad moral compass.


Hi, I am working on the same niche here on Fiverr, I offer mostly guitar solos. If you are sending free demos (I also do that), you must be prepared that the client may won’t like them, that’s part of the deal. I do that because music is a very subjective thing, and something that sounds bad to me or you may be great for someone else and vice versa. Other guys don’t do that, they deliver the solo (many times without revisions allowed), but i think that’s a bit risky for bad ratings etc. It all depends on the deal you make with the potential client. And of course I agree that many guys will ask for the whole world for 5$, I believe the solution is to raise the prices, I see many people here claim that when they raised the prices they got rid of the cheap clients.

How does he refuse to pay? Seems you are the one who didn’t do the right thing. You should have told him to buy your gig first before starting the task. I don’t understand why you can start working on his order without an active order with him.

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He cancelled the order. I was honestly sick of his insane requests so I just let it go. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted two, Yngwie Quality Guitar Solos in 2 days for 5 bucks.

Good advice. Nothing is worse that cheap clients that expect the moon and stars.