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So I Did not get paid for a complete order?

I had to $56 dollar orders marked as complete but I was just not paid? How do I fix this? Thanks so much. I can send screenshot proof but I don’t know if I am allowed to send pictures of this. Thanks ]


This may be helpful to you:


Hi @kertastic,

What do you mean by not being paid?


Your money doesn’t appear immediate in your balance. If you read fiverr tos and link that @lloydsolutions sent to you, you will see that all funds taking 14 days for clearance.


It’s generally a good idea to read up on how things work before assuming there is a problem and asking about it here.

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There are only two scenarios here:

  1. The order amount is under clearance process, thats why you cant see the amount being added up on the top right corner. Normally it takes 14 days to clear.

  2. The order was cancelled by customer support and the order amount was refunded to the buyer (it was in clearance period ). But you would have received notifications from Fiverr CS. And emails as well informing you about the situation.

This order is marked but problem of buyers are not marked…