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So i got scammed and now how to wait for refund?

I asked the seller to make a simple logo for me and he waited three days to tell me give him another day, then he sends me a picture of a plant. I put in the refund request and they are looking into it. Please be careful with this buyer! This is my first time using Fiverr and i dont know if i will use it again if this is ok with the Fiverr team.

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Thanks when my refund comes back i may come to you.

Thanks i will look into it when and if i get my refund

@guymastrion @teachernita

I know you both are trying to be helpful, but advertising our services or a third party is not allowed in the forum. It’s a slippery slope until we are filled with spam posts.


Got it I understand…

Hi, I have gone over the rules and see that I did the incorrect thing! I was only helping but realize you cannot advertise a customers gig.