So I guess it's normal here?


First time I am ranting here - probably not the last. I’m a very new seller still with barely any experience in the business part of this entire thing. So, in the past few days I completed three orders in addition to what I already had and none got ‘picked up’ (or reviewed and all that). I wasn’t expecting a lot of sunshine and happiness coming from either of the customers, to be honest - one did not communicate with me at all, the other did communicate but did not even bother to say ‘thank you’ or ‘yes, that is why I asked for a revision’ (the customer sent me a screenshot of my translation ‘not being good’ because they didn’t have the Hungarian fontset installed on their PC.
. The third one was the same, one word answers and the like, and now after I delivered, nothing. Since I have been really busy with my personal life and bigger projects (but did not want to risk turning anything off, I don’t understand this site at all yet!) I sacrificed a lot of my ‘time off’ to complete these requests instead of doing something else: and I did not even get a single ‘thanks’. Is it really normal here? Or have I done something wrong? I just really don’t get why people can’t even bother to push a few buttons so that I at least know that I won’t have to redo everything from scratch.
Sorry for the whiny - venting - nature of this post, this really was my first time meeting buyers like this, so it came to me as a bit of a surprise. I read on the forum that weird buyers exist but never met any yet (…other than one very pushy person that kept asking for my contact info but I just deleted the message lol)



Aye - that’s pretty much par for the course - they buy, you do the work, and then get paid - no interaction needed at all apart from what you need to complete the gig.

If you’re after deep and meaningful (sometimes!) conversations, then come to the forum more often!


Hello, your post wasn’t whiny. It was a good question.
As you get more experience on fiverr you may find that most buyers, especially of the gigs for $5, will not communicate much or at all even when you deliver the order.

This is because they have nothing much invested in your gig aside from $5 and they likely saw it and possibly bought it without much thought. Or they are busy with other things, or any other number of reasons.

You will also find you get wonderful buyers who are a pleasure to deal with and say thank you for the great work. There are all kinds of people here and you get used to that as time goes on.

So in short, try not to worry or think about it if you don’t hear from a buyer afterwards.


Dear Kata:

It’s perfectly normal for Buyers not to leave reviews.

It’s actually better for you if a Buyer leaves no review than a bad review.

Over time, your good reviews should add up.

There are various things you can try to increase your rate of reviews, but there will always be some Buyers who just can’t be bothered.

Here’s sample text [not necessarily verbatim] I include with my deliveries:

Dear [Buyer’s First Name, which I hope I’ve gleaned by this point, otherwise, I use their user name]:

It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Attached please find your delivery.

As a bonus, I’ve attached [specific lagniappe for this Buyer, depending on what I think makes most sense in this case].

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Your feedback helps me to improve my future offerings.

Thank you,

My current feedback rate is about 83% – I think normal is around 67%, but someone else can probably correct that figure if I’m off.

If you look around the Forum, you’ll find various alternatives suggested by other Sellers on Fiverr.

Good luck,

UPDATE: Do be aware though that Buyers have up to 30 days to leave reviews (if I’m not mistaken), so you may yet hear from those 3 later…


Thank you ( I guess…)


Yeah I suppose, I just expected the works to be at least approved or something, because this way I really had no clue if I have to rewrite thousands and thousands of words while travelling to the other side of the continent (though that IS a very bad excuse, I know. If I wasn’t in the middle of relocating I probably would not care, but this way it made me worry a lot. I don’t care much about feedback, I just wanted to know if they were okay with what I did or not.


lol. I like you. You’ll go far.


Hello, I guess I understand. It was just sort off (though only one gig was for 5, the other two were a bit more expensive, though not by much). In my country even the 5 dollars are quite a lot of money, (for, say, an hour’s work), so I guess I still think that way instead of regarding it as a minor thing.

I found some really nice buyers already, I guess I was just expecting too much from everyone else as well. I am in a rather weird situation currently, so maybe that is adding to my worries, too. But thank you, I will try to just care a bit less about these things.


What is this special Hungarian font? Is it the one that makes it all gothic-y and italic-y umlauty?

If they get uppitty about that with a review, I’d attack immediately with their whine and screenshot of what they saw with a withering review via Imgur suggesting that their review was invalidated by incompetence.

And yeah, try to care less. Easier said than done :slight_smile:


I need to make a big sign and put it on the wall that says TRY TO CARE LESS.


Lol, some sarcasm sense there. I’m generally not this fussy but I guess the first ‘heartbreak’ is the toughest. Or not. I work with kids so I already get a lot of bad stuff thrown my way but I’m still not used to it yet lol Or maybe I was hoping adults would be different :smiley:


Adults tend to be worse.


Dear Blaise,

I guess I was more worried about them deciding that they did not like what I handed out while I was in the air to my new home, really. I think I will try to write something similar, so thank you for the advice.

I will probably just learn how to ignore it all. This IS just business, I suppose.

Thank you though,


I just hoped not, lol
But the good thing is, kids taught me patience… It just doesn’t show much when I’m already stressed lol


It’s just the extra things (like in French and other languages) that English does not typically have. So sort of. It’s supposed to be inbuilt into most PCs but the screenshot I got showed a jumbled mess of symbols where typically, you would find ‘my’ normal letters. I did not even think that someone would be dumb enough to blame me first thing - if you have something translated into a specific language, you probably know at least a bit about it. At first I just panicked because it was screenshotted in google translate and I was like ‘wait what, what did I do wrong?’

Alright thank you for that advice though! The three days already passed, got no reply since I resent the files and said 'sorry but that’s the computer’s fault - as nicely as I could, of course.
I’m trying but I think I just tend to stress too much :smiley:


Most adults are basically poorly educated toddlers who unfortunately have more rights than toddlers. Unless you’re the police, in which case you can throw them into the adult naughty pen.

For the rest of us, a beatific smile of pity and a knife in the back is a useful remedy.


Alright, let me rephrase that since you are right. I was hoping that taking care of spoiled little brats would help me get better at dealing with spoiled big brats. I do agree that most adults are well…yeah. Not the brigthest, I just usually hope to settle everything peacefully. (just as no matter how much I wanted, I could not let the boys I babysat just kill each other when they were fighting at midnight.). But I suppose this is a different case. Will try to toughen up a bit for sure.


@katakatica You have lovely manners. I can tell you are very nice, and very conscientious.


Thank you. Have to say I have my bad days (like now) but I try my hardest to be nice to everyone, the problem is that I snap worse than most people. That’s one of the reasons why I ranted instead of bugging the customers… wouldn’t have been pretty :smiley: