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So I guess it's normal here?


I’m glad you came here to rant. You will find this is a welcoming place for that.
I am good after being here so long at being professional with all my customers and enjoy remaining professional if the rare one comes along who is difficult.
It’s so much more satisfying than snapping.


I feel like it is already, I think I may check on here more often than before. Was a bit scared of posting because everyone seems to know everyone but I’m glad that I did not got sent to hell.
I do agree that being professional is our biggest weapon here. I was just super close to breaking and felt like a small rant would make it a bit easier.
Thank you for being so nice anyway :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: I understand the feeling not getting a feedback, makes you wonder whether your work was good enough or something was not quite right? We all like feedback specially at the beginning, but there will be a time, you won’t even think about getting thumbs up and just want to deliver the work. It is nice to get feedback, it motivates you to do better for following orders but hey not everyone appreciative and some people consider the $5 dollars they pay should be enough for service and thank you “Sadly to say” some others are so kind and even thank you before you even deliver. That is why life is fun, colorful with colorful people, if everyone was thankful and appreciative, we wouldn’t enjoy it. Remember you could never make everyone happy regardless of you efforts to do so. Though I had very appreciative $5 dollars clients but I also know not everyone will be appreciative.

But once they approve the delivery, I would consider job well done… Wish you all the best.


Hello and welcome in the Ranting Pot, Kata.

I wouldn´t say it´s normal, some don´t communicate at all, some don´t leave a review, but from my own experience most do communicate and most do leave a review, so maybe it was either just plain bad luck that you got a few of your percent that don´t in a row…or maybe it´s a karma or law of attraction or something such thing - because you were so busy yourself you got buyers who were busy too, even so busy they couldn´t spend the seconds on a review. Or, who knows, maybe they buy 100 gigs every day and tell themselves ‘I can´t rate all sellers because I don´t have that much time, but if I only rate a few it´s not fair, so I don´t rate any’ :wink:

You´ll surely get some great reviews soon either way. :slight_smile:


I suppose I get your point. The orders never got approved, but 2 out of the 3 let the three days pass (the last one had not yet but no feedback). I know that there will be a time when I won’t even care, I guess I was just hoping for a few more reviews. Then again silence is better than bad reviews. I am going to try and just ignore when this happens, it’s true that life is filled with different people. Would get boring if everyone was your typical nice buyer.


Hello and thank you! I will be seen here often probably!

It totally could be karma, I was hoping to have a calm weekend as I had so much things piled up! To be honest this issue seems much better now that I dared to rant about it, I guess I was just worried something was actually going on. Now that I’m settled in my new home I will be able to look into fiverr a whole lot more and will hopefully get used to these things as well. I had quite a few really sweet reviews so far so maybe I just expected everyone to be like that. I am glad that not everyone is so silent though.

I hope so! I guess it’s just a matter of time and hard work!


It’s normal to have buyers not leave reviews or thank you. But sometimes I do - all depends on the buyer.


In my experience as a sales representative and when I was an account manager you have four different types of customers.

  1. cheap customers: they want everything cheap.

  2. difficult customers: they are unhappy so they make everything harder than it is.

  3. sophisticated customers: they research until they can make an educated decision and purchase.

  4. afluent customers: they buy based on emotion and feeling.

To target more sophisticated customers look up what long tail keywords are. These are keywords that people look up when they know what they want and are ready to buy something (so basically their wallet is already out). If you use long tail keywords you want to provide the benefits and features of your service so that they can easily find the information they have already researched and are looking for. To target afluent customers you want to write your products headline and information based on the emotion they want to feel.

As far as reviews, the afluent and sophisticated buyers are more likely to give you a review based on the quality of service or product and the timeliness of the delivery. Reviews should almost never be expected from difficult or cheap customers. You also should know that reviews from cheap or difficult customers will more than likely only attract cheap or difficult customers as well. So the way you write your product and service descriptions matters a lot!


I guess I just got worried for nothing honestly. But thanks, it’s good to know that it just varies. Hopefully I will get a few more people who do leave reviews (or at least approve of their requests).


Thank you for the explanation. I have never really thought much about this, though I know that I need to improve my descriptions and the like. I will focus on that: I would rather not have difficult customers… or cheap ones, for that matter. I was mainly panicking because if they had asked for revisions last minute, I wouldn’t have been able to do them for a long time… But to be honest I would rather not have these issues. I will definitely look into my descriptions later today. I

Thanks again, I’m glad to know a bit more on how these things work. I did not look much into the business side of things honestly, I guess I need to learn that as well!


No problem. I am very happy I could help you.


You’ll have good days, bad days, in-between days but in the end, it seems to even out. The buyer who doesn’t communicate with me during the process and when it over leaves no feedback doesn’t puzzle me.

It is the one who communicates with me throughout the process but when it is all said and done I don’t hear a peep out of them. When their gig is active, I’ll get messages “hey, Stevie, how is it going” I’ll reply “you are number 3 in the queue, I’ll update you when I start on your gig” and I’ll get a nice reply “thank you, I appreciate your feedback” Then I do the gig, deliver it and I hear nothing – that is the type that puzzles me.

I have been told that sometimes when they don’t rate you, they are not happy with the work but they like you so they don’t rate you v.s. giving you a bad rating.

I have found out also that some buyers are so excited and happy with the final product & they are so preoccupied with getting the product on their site, on youtube, etc, they forget to rate you (i do whiteboard).

Hang in there and you’ll get a following. :wink:


Hi kata, welcome to the community.
As everyone told you, its pretty normal. You will come across these type of buyers but not very often. There are bunch of nice people out there as well and I hope you have really good experience here on Fiverr. Just for the next time when you deliver your order, after two days drop a message in the inbox.

"Dear (Use Buyer’s Name),
I noticed you left no review. I am writing to ensure the work delivered is as expected. Fiverr closes the Gig three days after I deliver, and I want to be able to make any changes and redeliver before that occurs. If you are completely satisfied, a review helps me here.
**Best regards, **
(Your Name)"

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea. You can always do what most companies do. Create a post-sales survey. Just ask questions about the service and make sure these questions make it in the mix.

Let people know the following. I send this survey to every customer. Please be brutally honest, as it helps me get better at what I love to do on fiverr. I hope to hear about your experience soon.

On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate your purchasing experience with me as?

Would you leave a review outlining your experience?

What do you think I did well?

What do you think I can improve on?

Would you recommend my services to a friend or family member?

When people are willing to recommend you to close people like friends and family that is when you know your operation is solid! This will also teach you about SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats). It lets you know what customers like and do not like about your services. What is most important to them as consumers.


I find communication poor from many buyers on fiverr, and some sellers too. People seem to feel that because it is online there is no need for things like communication or customer service.

Keep working your way. It is the good people that thrive on here.


Hi and thank you!

Good idea, I think this is something that could work! I am hoping that this string of buyers is over and that I will be getting the nice ones again… I do think though that from now on I will add this little message after two days. Maybe it will help.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I do agree that no feedback is better than bad feedback, but for example when the project is a super simple translation, that I even explained why it is (so the buyer WAS talking before…well, through screenshots at least) in my opinion is too straightforward to not be satisfied with. So that’s why I was puzzled about that one. For the others I could see why someone COULD say ‘I did not like this or that thing’, though at this point I would much rather hear that then nothing.
It must be quite weird though if your communicate buyers turn silent. (Mine was only sortof one, but not the kind-polite type). Like, if they ask how’s it going why can’t they add a simple thanks. Sometimes I don’t know what goes on in people’s brains really.
Thank you, I’m trying :smiley:


I’m super sour at whats going on in my situation here with fiverr right now. As far as quiet buyers… they are the least of your problems. Whats really going to upset you is when a buyer doesnt read your gig and rates you a 1 star for delivering exactly what’s shown… And fiverr support wont back you up. So , clients are allowed to act however they want with little to no consequence…


This varies from person to person. I’ve had sellers who wants to keep me informed with status update at least three to four times a day while others get irritated when I ask about the status.

Some ask me tons of questions others none. Nowadays, I fill out the requirements and tell the seller if they have questions I’ll be standing by. With the exception of my regular sellers, I have to remind or tell others what time zone I am in - I had one really mad at me because I didn’t answer her right away (it was between 2 to 4 a.m. my time! I was sleeping. :smirk:)


Good tips but you know many buyers are too busy to complete a survey, I remember hating surveys I receive online or in my mailbox, that is many companies offer some sort of reward to complete a survey knowing it is a boring thing to do, and I think 5 question survey is too much… Perhaps one short question, but again I think it depends on the type of work and volume, I don’t think this applies to low priced gigs, I would say just deliver, if no feedback and the 3 days passed and you got paid then consider it job well done and move to the next job, We all know no one has ever succeeded to make everyone happy no matter what you do…