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So I had this abusive buyer

Recently I had a buyer who ordered my Vector Tracing gig. In my gig description, faqs and EVEN requirements I warn about certain kinds of images.

SO, a buyer ignored these warnings and ordered the gig anyway. In the past I would cancel the ordered as soon as possible (to not getting a bad rating), and I would get stats impaired. But lately, it seems this kind of buyer increased. Anyway, now when this kind of buyers come, I work the order anyway. The result wont be great for a basic $5 order, BUT it’s what can be done within the requests made by the buyer and the order placed.

I did the same with this buyer. Then he requested a cancellation. I explained I wouldn’t do this for buyer who ignore my gig description and warnings.

Then he requested a modification. I explained that to get a better result, I will need a better file provided from their side, and charges A LOOOOOT more than just $5 due the time it will demand.

After this, the buyer threatened me saying: “Okay no problem, that gives a bad rating. Then I will do a few more orders and book a few hundred bad reviews on your profile. :smiley:

I immediately reported the message and thanked the buyer for advising me.

SO, why this topic?
Yes, sellers are still against the wall for such abusive buyers, but I earned my good reputation along the 6 years I’m no fiverr. What i mean is to not to worry with bad ratings of abusive buyer. These will not bring you down. As they can write bad things in a review, you can also defend yourself explaining their acts. And also block such users later, when the order is completed.

If you want to get respected as a seller, start respecting yourself first. Do not be susceptible to abusive behaviors.

I hope it can encourage other sellers to no be abused for bad intended buyers.

Thank you,


I’m so sorry that this happened to you! Hopefully you have a better experience next time!

Hey, thanks for the information.

Reporting the client was the right decision made by you. Everyone should respect each other on fiverr’s platform as you are earning income as a seller and getting bunch of good services as a buyer. You should at least respect the platform.

Best of luck for future mate!
Thank you so much!

What a spank.

These people seem completely unable to realize that they are the cause of everything wrong in this world. Not a certain president, or the other one. Completely on people who ignore all advice and then respond with threats & violence when they are not getting what they want - because they are too lazy to set things up properly.



probably the prim minister of the united kingdom. i see that fishy rating by the way

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: