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So, I have been on Fivver for just over 3 months now, and if some more experienced Fiverrs could guive me some advice on my gigs I would be really thankfull


Hey there,

As I said in the title I have been on Fiverr for just over 3 months now, and I would love some advice on how to polish my gigs.

I don’t know if this is normal, but I had a really busy couple of weeks at the start, then slow times, I am told that this is the way freelancing goes, and I am busy with 2 long-term projects, one on Fiverr and one outside.

But It would really help to put my heart, and wallet, at ease if I could get at least some “Smalls” in the in-between.

Actually, since most of my translation experience is on longer projects, I am thinking of specializing in long-term things, what do you think? I could still do smalls via message.

I also want to work on localizing games and apps, I got some experience on the field recently.

So, any tips?


You are doing great. 3 months. According to your reviews, I would estimate that you have completed 20-30 gigs. It usually takes me about 100 deliveries on one gig just to figure out how I want to offer the gig. So it is a process. I have no inside info, but I believe that new gigs are intentionally promoted by Fiverr stronger when they are release. I also believe that there is a segment of buyers that gravitate to a new gig. They typically get providers that are willing to work harder to establish these new gigs and are typically a little cheaper. The providers sometimes will work faster and longer. That has been my observation and I benefited greatly as a provider in that situation. That may explain the spike in the first few weeks. You also have also 500 people in your category, but only 30 at level 1 so this could give you an indication of how much work there is on Fiverr for that service.

I agree with you about finding repeatable products. Offerings that are naturally repeat customers. In my case, 80% of my orders are repeat customers and the rest are new customers. I am not as concerned with rankings in the search engines. Larger orders are not necessarily repeat orders. I make more per hour on $5-$50 orders than I do on $150 plus orders.


Only 500, really?


I was expecting a lot more considering how everyone says that Fiverr is overcrowded, I’m getting to level 1 myself so…


There are 500 new providers offering English to Portuguese translations. There are only 30 people that are at level one. The way you see this is by using the search on Fiverr. On the left, the system will show you how many results are relevant to your search and related categories.


Here’s what @landongrace is talking about (for the search term “translation”):


You’re in a great category with a lot less competition than others. Take logo design, for example:

Your gigs look great! Focus on customer service and keeping buyers in the loop. They like knowing that you have seen their order and that you’re working on it. New gigs/sellers definitely get a boost, so focus on getting repeat customers and sustaining a steady flow of orders. Good luck! :smile: