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So i have just delivered my second order and excited :-)

I am new to Fiverr and have just literally delivered my second order. It hasnt been accepted yet but i hope its to the satisfaction of the buyer.
Is it normal to get this buzz when you get orders and deliver them??

I just checked your profile. I see you now have 2 reviews so your order must have been accepted. So good for you. :+1:

I do get a little buzz :honeybee: when I get orders and when I deliver :mailbox_with_mail: them it feels like more of a relief :relieved: combined with anticipation :worried: of getting a good review. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

It was pleasing :blush: to see your post was more of a question :question: about the feeling one gets from getting an order and not a post (as too many have been :roll_eyes: ) about I got my 2nd, :2nd_place_medal: 3rd :3rd_place_medal: , and so on order. Imagine :thought_balloon: if every seller on Fiverr came to the Forum to inform the members there about each order after that important and thrilling first :1st_place_medal: one! We would be overrun :running_man::running_woman: with new threads!

So I am happy you like the B :zzz: you got from your 2nd order and I wish you sucess at getting many more. (But please do not share each one here. :wink:)


For me it definitely is normal even after five years, but for me it is a confirmation that the things I deliver are going to be accepted and acted upon. It’s a pleasant chill that runs down my arms.


Yes. I really look forward to waking up and seeing what orders I have to work on for the day. Then I can schedule my day on when to work on them. Makes me feel productive. :wink:


Dear Vickie, you explained me on the other topic how me to see other peoples links to Fiverr profiles on their forum profiles. And I really see many people links after that. But, I noticed that I still dont see all of them which other people do. For example, I read you can see sroberts_1975 (he started this topic) link to his Fiverr profile as you said in this topic, but I can`t see it anywhere. Where I should look to see it if you can tell me I would very appreciate?

Sorry for interrupting conversation, regards to all! :slight_smile:

I had to ask when I was new too. :wink: Simply click on their username and when a box pops up. Click on their username again. Then copy their username and go to your profile page on the main Fiverr site. Erase your name in the address bar and paste the username of the person you just copied. Hit enter and then up will pop their profile. It is interesting to see where others are from and what they sell. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! Really, really great. I succeeded. Thank you, Vickie! :slight_smile:

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