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So i was just charged $150 and fiverr says my transaction didnt go through

this is a joke. was just charged $150 and fivrr says nope i wasnt. but i was.

why is finding a number or contact for support so hard??

why am i posting in a forum just for a simpke service request?


a number doesn’t exist , you can contact support here

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Take a few minutes (days, weeks, months) to calm down.

Fiverr isn’t perfect.

I agree, you should contact support but hopefully you will not rant and complain about the platform being “a joke” as there are a few thousand of us freelancers who depend on it for work.

Try to be a little more understanding and professional.

Thank you.


thats cool, so do i. i need a logo designed and this is my first time coming here.

pay $150 for a simple jpeg, but now thats turned into me writing in forums, sending off emails, calling my bank, and im still out the money with no logo.

i wouldve been better off just doing it myself.

if you wanna talk about professional perhaps a multi million dollar business that leeches off of others work could atleast have a phone support.

I think you need a time out.

Hopefully you don’t take this out on another Seller just trying to help you out.

Just sayin.

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Sorry to hear you are having this problem.

Check this out:

how are you trying to help me?

all you’ve done is chastise me. push along.

I wasn’t talking about myself, actually.

I was referring to whoever you end up hiring.

But hey, that’s okay.

I hope you find the help you require.


In order to get help you need to be constructive in delivering your information.

Are you saying you paid for the order and there is nothing in your order cue? There is no indication you paid 150$ to the seller?

Because in the next post you say:

That means you had an order and the seller got your order and delivered JPEG file (a sketch) of the logo. Depending on the seller’s portfolio that is the standard price for the sketch.

Actual logo design and all the files are made and charged after the sketch is made.
But all this depends on seller status, pricing and portfolio.

Did the offer you paid include anything else except JPG file?

On the main site at the bottom on multiple locations you have a contact support and/or help section.

If your card has been charged but the amount is not visible in your order cue contact customer support using online form. If you can’t find it then send email at

State your profile name, order details and the amount.
If your order went through and the seller did not deliver promised files selection, you can ask for redelivery. If the seller delivered everything as per the offer and you do not like the design, you can get a refund only if the quality of the design is substantially lower than in the seller’s portfolio and description.

If the quality matches the design received, you are not entitled to a refund.


@looseink was actually trying to help you and he offered a new perspective.

That being said, if you want help, you are in the wrong place. The only place where you can get your money back or any definitive solution for your problem is Fiverr’s customer support team. The forum is just for talking, sharing ideas. This is not a place where you get help if you were scammed for example.

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You can also just send an email to and they will respond.
These things happen unfortunately and it is frustrating but if you can prove the transaction happened through a bank screenshot etc then I don’t see you having too much of a problem sorting this.

Ya I finally found the button to actually email support.
I did just that. Sent a screenshot.

Problem is they basically said the money should be back in my account in 7-10 days, and that I can “try” to order again and they recommend NOT trying a different card…

So not really sure what to do here. Need the logo… Need two actually… Smh

I have to say I share your frustration when I hear that response - this type of thing has happened to clients of mine and it’s very annoying. Nothing in their response would make me want to try ordering again. Why? So you can have another $150 tied up for 7-10 days?
It’s something that needs to be sorted one way or another - either stop it happening in the first place or have a quicker resolution period, I don’t know which is more doable.


If they said you will be refunded, then you will have your money back.

So you can find another logo supplier.

What kind of logos, for what, game, Twitch, brand, company, personal, global?

Do you have answers to this?

a) Name of the company or brand
b) Moto/tagline (if any)
c) Should tagline be included in the logo?
d) Style of the logo (refer to brief images/samples)
e) Preferred colors (if any); you can make your colors selection here
f) Preferred typography (if any); you can make your fonts selection here
g) Where will the logo be used?
h) Company/your brand key values
i) Company/your brand mission/goals
j) Target demographics
k) Known competitors
l) Keywords
m) Any other useful information

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Thanks for reaching out !
So ya, it’s a brand. Just needed design done to put on packaging and website. (In the marijuana industry and “gas” “high octane” “Gastation” would be the overall theme.

Something relatively simple that will most likely just go on the site or be paired with the website url on various handouts/advertisements etc

And then something a bit more thought out and “wow very cool” for the second. Which would be going on all of our packaging for all of our products :slight_smile:

The price was $130ish plus tax for the “better” one. And something like $40-50 for the not such a big deal one =)

I’m in canada if that means anything.

Cheers :slight_smile: and yes, I’m still looking to do this, just exactly as mentioned above don’t wanna keep getting money tied up on maybes.

Fivrr hasn’t even acknowledged they received anything. To clarify they basically just said they didn’t have anything, weren’t holding anything, and any money not in my account should be back in 7-10 days :stuck_out_tongue:

But If they don’t even show it as ever being in their system, I’m not sure how it will be refunded… But ya.

Just a note to say that it has happened to clients of mine but they got refunded after a few days so I would hope you have the same outcome.

It’s an absolute disgrace you have to pay this amount of money. Once you get everything solved, please let us know on another post.

I perfectly understand your point and I highly respect your opinion. However, we can all agree that paying this amount of money and getting a message that says you didn’t is a little bit frustrating.