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So I'm at a 4.8 will I ever see 5 stars again?

I have worked hard, like much of you guys to keep my ratings up. But this one customer ordered a extra fast delivery at the worst possible moment. Despite the fact that I have in my description -in caps- “please contact me before placing your order.” (I’m mentioning this even tho I was basically told by CS rep. That what is in my gig description isn’t binding. So I don’t know what’s the purpose.) (If needs be I’ll direct quote later). Added to that a customer not long after placed an order -which appeared to be an attempt to low ball- wasn’t responding. I had to cancel the clock was ticking!

Now fast forward some months because I decided I should take a break. I’m at a 4.7 due to the above mentioned. Now don’t get me wrong I’m greatly appreciative of this platform and recent customers that I’ve been doing business with. I’m up to 4.8 and also a level one again. But at the same time my top gig (now at 4.6) hasn’t recieved any orders since those incidents and overall new customer request are slower than ever.


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Buyer’s request will be your best bet for now. You should also prepare good samples of your past works that you can show/give to potential clients. Anytime you send an offer on buyer’s request, try to write in your offer that you will show them samples of your past works if they message you. I have gotten some orders through that technique. However, you must have really good samples to show. With time, you will get that 5.0 rating again.


Thanks for your tip. I will definately try that out. So a 5 star rating isn’t lost!? I’m happy to hear that!

Rating is an average thing. Your overall rate is an average of all your rates. If you have two 5-star rating and one 3-star rating, your rating will be [(5+5+3)/3 ] 4.3. Hence, the more 5-star rating you have, the closer you will be to 5.0. If you have high number of 5-stars, one or two bad rating will be insignificant to your overall rating. So, it is now left to you to put in your best to always deliver works that will earn you 5-star.

This system does not make sense.

Satisfied customers vote 4 because they consider it a good mark.

But we sellers know that a 4-star average destroys a dozen works delivered and rated 5 stars.

The star system must reset every 60 days or 120 days.


There is no definite way to get 5 stars. Some customers give low star rating when you refuse to accept cheap payment. I think this rating system is very flawed.

I agree with you 100%

I would suggest that you use this time where you’re not getting too many orders to go through your gigs again. I can see some writing errors here and there and maybe you could also improve your search tags. I’ve had a quiet month and decided to use the time to finally work on a wordpress portfolio that I can use to showcase my work. Maybe you could do something of that sort, too. I’ve checked out your “Epic Voice Of Epicness Of Epic Proportions” and love it, would be a shame if this gig was ending somewhere on the last pages of the search. :smiley:

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While it’s true that there is no definite way to get 5 stars and I also think the system is flawed. Probably you should just raise your prices or just avoid buyers who don’t agree with your rates? That way you’re only working with buyers who agree with rates and won’t rate you poorly because they wanted a cheaper rate.

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It’s all about statistics. Lets say you have a gig with 1,000 reviews and a 4.6 rating. How many 5-star reviews will it take for your gig to rise to 4.7, 4.8, etc. I have no idea, math is my kryptonite, but I’m sure Fiverr knows.

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Thanks. :grin: That was quite encouraging. Appreciate your feedback.

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Yea… My problem is loosing my 5 star rating permanently after working so hard to maintain it because of unreasonable customers.

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yes, you will see 5 stars again, don’t worry.
at the time of full moon :full_moon:

I feel you A buyer just gave me an excellent review, but only 3 stars on communication. AND the communication thing is the Fiverr app fault. It can sometimes be impossible to see a new message until later. BAM! I’m down to 4.8

On the computer, messaging is fine. When I’m at work, I’m surprised hours later by messages sent 4 to 9 hours ago, and I check my phone every two work


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