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So I'm kinda worried

So as with any marketplace being a new seller is though, getting those first few orders is going to take effort, as such I do feel worried that none of my gigs have gotten orders yet. This post will provide some information on what I’ve tried so far and hopefully you can provide suggestions.

Some Statistics:

As shown my gigs are getting some impressions, clicks, and views, however I haven’t received any orders yet. It worries me as I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just going to take some time before I get my first few orders. I’d really like to get started with Fiverr as it will be a part time job that can help me while I’m busy with my studies.

Future Gigs Planned:
I’m planning to do a photoshop related gig in the near future. I’m taking a Udemy course in photoshop to learn how to effectively use the software and bought Photoshop through Creative Cloud to use on my computer. I’ll have a strong enough understanding of the software to make really nice looking edits and touchups to photos. I think that a photoshop gig is going to be more in demand than bug fixes and converting PSDs into websites. There’s also a lot of competition on Fiverr so I need to stand out.

Some things I’m trying to stand out and make sales:

  • I had a logo designed for me to use as the featured graphic (See:, I’m using it to build my ‘brand’ as a seller providing web/internet related services to people. It’s used as the featured image to look nice as you scroll through the various sellers you see in search results.
  • I’m trying to keep my prices as low as possible so people don’t feel like they’re risking a lot of money. With many of the services I offer, not all, many marketplaces would charge a lot more though with Fiverr you have to start with low prices and build up as your seller level improves. That’s understandable to me and I don’t expect to make 6-figures as a new seller on any marketplace. Though I’d still like some reward for the work I do on Fiverr.
  • I’d like to use send quotes / buyer requests however most of it is either spam OR requests that don’t fall within the services I’m able to offer - and obviously I’m not going to sell a service I can’t do perfectly. Most seems to be software development work - something I’m still in the process of learning and am not ready to offer as a gig. This means getting those initial ratings are going to be a lot harder.

What ideas do you have for getting those first few sales?

Hi there!

Don’t worry about the clicks and impressions etc. - until you start getting some sales, they’re pretty meaningless.

Add different images to each of your gigs. Maybe a wee bit more detail in your gig description - in what format will you deliver their website etc. zip file?

Is there any way you can reduce your delivery time to get those first few orders?

Have you tried buyers’ requests, or as it’s now known ‘Send Quotes’?

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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As stated earlier buyer requests is mainly spam and the few real jobs available don’t fall within the gigs I am able to offer - I don’t have a lot of samples to show at the moment so the images are somewhat limited. For images I did add a screenshot of me editing code on the code related ones, and for the PSD to HTML one I added a screenshot of me editing the photo of code in photoshop. If anything it’s more appealing graphics I suppose. I can try to reduce the delivery time somewhat however there is only so much I can do at once, what I don’t want to do is say 24 hour delivery and get 50 orders and be unable to keep that promise.

Would a graphic like below be better than just the logo alone (it shows logo plus the service)?

Have you looked over my gigs yet? If so can you provide more details on improving them?

Yes, I did look at your gigs - that’s why I made the suggestions I did.

Why not make all your gig images completely different? I can understand you’re trying to build a brand, but that would make more sense if your username were the same as your brand name.

You want your images to stand out, both on your profile, and when viewed in the search or by category - make them as individual as you can. :slight_smile:

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I updated each featured image to be unique and display the service name rather than just the logo. I hope that’ll make them stand out even more. To me at least a brand image is more appealing to the eye and displaying the service name under it is likely beneficial rather than the same image that gets boring after a little while. I added in some extra images to the actual gigs. Thoughts?

Have a look at the gig images others offering similar gigs to you are offering - only then can you decide if your images are more eye catching! :wink:

For example:

I’m going to try to not call out any specific sellers but that graphic when it’s the small preview looks kinda bad, now keep in mind this user is a level 2 seller so maybe the images alone aren’t everything, though I think my images when tiny in search still look nice.

Another thing I worry about the search results for my gigs are over 20+ pages and I doubt any buyer looks through 20 pages of results, how do I know my gig isn’t buried alive and will get viewed? What can I do to improve the chance of a buyer seeing my gig?

At this stage, please don’t overthink everything or you’ll get nothing done, and make no progress - I feel totally qualified to say this, as I’ve been guilty of it on many occasions, and still am! :slight_smile:

Your images are just one of the things which can help bring buyers to your gigs - how can you improve your listings, packages etc. once they get there so they buy from you - that’s the important bit! :slight_smile:

Would you look over my actual packages (thanks for the feedback on improving images) and tell me if pricing adjustments are needed (I don’t mind charging less at first so I can get ratings that help me). Beyond that do you know any good places to promote gigs, I’ve tweeted about it some but I don’t know if any potential buyers follow my twitter feed. Thoughts?

I’m not really the right person to ask about package prices etc. as I know nothing about what you’re offering I’m afraid.

You’ll find lots of info about promoting your gigs if you search fro UPYOUR on the forum, and the academy will help too:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’ve read through a lot of the documents on the academy, I’m hoping I can make my first sale within the next few weeks.

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