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So, I'm wondering... WYSIWYG?


I have this one gig that works fairly well. Ooor, I don’t actually have a measurement for this “fairly well” but people are buying it and are leaving happy reviews. My other gigs, though? Like they don’t exist.

Now I’m wondering whether my assessment of the problem at hand is right:
The “good” gig is WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet. That thing right there which looks exactly like this.
And while I keep telling people they can freely reign over the colours or fonts, barely anyone chooses to have anything changed.

The other gigs are not so specifically “a thing” but an overview of stuff I can do in the gig’s field. Music viz or (letter-based) text animations. Are buyers repelled by having options? Do I need to think more about offering finished products as opposed to services?

Your input, appreciated.


Dear You Do:

Now that Fiverrcast transcripts have been restored to the blog (HUZZAH!), I suggest you check this out:

Good luck,


You should be more specific in your gigs.
This is pretty typicals, often sellers offer more than one gigs but there are only few who perform well.
You only need to measure why the good gig is performing well and implement it on the bad one.
Also, you can tell buyers about your other gig ( inform them) and see of they are interested.


keep it specific. general is hard to sell.


Alright, that confirms my suspicions. Thanks.

The dilemma now is that I also need potential buyers to understand that the templates I develop are not a box their content and their ideas is going to stuck in (unlike many other text animation gigs). But just a framework for more possibilities I might not be able to show in one gig video.