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I’m not sure if I can create a new thread since this is somewhat about St.Levels Day, but I’ll keep it in this category for now. (Mods, I’m sorry in advance if I’m making you guys to extra work.)

For now, it seems like I can keep my TRS. For a while I was happy, and then I found out that the evaluation is going to happen monthly. Oh sh*t, now that’s nice.

So I thought about it. What WILL happen if I get demoted to Level 2?
Will I lose sales? Well, hopefully not since I do have a good amount of good reviews, I do luckily have regular buyers, and I will still get paid.
I guess seeing that shiny badge go kinda sucks, and yes, I will have to wait 2 weeks until
I get paid, but I’m used to getting paid once a month for my main job so if you think about it
it ain’t that bad. I mean, it’s not that I lost my account or anything.

This situation reminded me of my work outside Fiverr, several years ago I was “promoted”, it was like becoming a TRS from a level 2, and back then I was very happy. The problem was I was evaluated monthly, and I was checking my rating status EVERYDAY to check if I had
enough rating, and it was quite stressful.
A few months later, I got demoted. I was pissed, I’m not going to lie. It did have an effect
on my income. But once that happened, I wasn’t checking my rating everyday like a mad person.
Plus, I still had the job.

I guess if I do get demoted to level 2, I’ll be fine. At least the payment ain’t gonna change,
and I will still have an account.
I feel bad for many people and even thought it didn’t happen to me, it REALLY makes me angry reading about sellers who got demoted due to their cancellation rates, and in many cases it was not their fault. I know Fiverr is being unfair.
However though, I’ve been living in this world long enough to know that the world is often times a veeeeeeery unfair place.

We still have gigs, we still have an account, and the demoted sellers could get promoted back to TRS again.

I’m sure a lot of people will be upset for the next few days, but I hope in the end people will
start feeling that it ain’t all that bad.

OK, let’s all grab a cup of coffee, or red bull, beer or wine, and get back to gigging.


This is the problem with this new rating system overall, it makes you lower your expectations for your future on Fiverr as you know that you will be demoted one day.

What is going to be interesting this month is the fact that I am expecting fewer orders. My delivered on time ratio is 97%. Will in this case, this decrease now as I don’t deliver any more orders late but complete less in total over the next 30-days?

I think that the people jumping gleefully about being nominated for TRS might want to think carefully about that this means. - Just getting TRS this month doesn’t mean people will still have it in 30-days time.

Also, this kind of sucks as it is now impossible for me to clear my backlog on non-started orders. I did plan on getting CS to cancel 2-3 every 60 days at the end of every review period. Now, I’m just going to be stuck with them.


Sad, but true…
On the other hand if I lower my expectation ( and I mean REALLY lower them) when Fiverr does something surprisingly reasonable and fair, it will double-triple my happy reaction.
Yeah, I’m trying to be as positive as I can here…

I need a doughnut.


This is why I think a six-month evaluation is far better than a monthly one. Anything can happen in a month - sickness, natural disaster, etc. God forbid there is a death in the family. This is supposed to be a freelancing platform; this kind of stance (while I understand what they’re trying to accomplish) feels more as if Fiverr is trying to become my boss.

I’ve already got one of those and I’m my own boss. Again, this is my opinion and doesn’t reflect anyone else’s thoughts.


:smiley: Maybe it´s all not so bad, after all. :wink: :coffee: :cookie:

I don´t think I have a non-started order, at least Available Now would work when I was below 5 active orders (anyone wants to swap AN against Milestones? :wink: ) but still I do think there should be a ‘general amnesty’ for those. I can´t see why they should count against sellers’ rates.


This is a very good idea! Six months average would be way more stable and predictable. Some may even argue that total ratings should be used.


They have always checked TRS as far as I know, although that can’t be true since so many got demoted.

I think that if there is a true emergency situation they should allow sellers to prove it with receipts or some other ways and make an exception for them, based on looking back at their record over time.

For instance I’ve gone through terrible emergencies and luckily was able to continue my work somehow without having late orders or problems but it was sheer luck and superhuman determination. So there needs to be an allowance for that.


Sheer luck, I’ve been blessed with that which I am grateful for.

Superhuman…? OK,I need to go train myself in the mountains like Dr.Strange to
get to that point!!


Exactly… I am my own bosss we do not need a virtual boss that acts as police and a judge,


And again you are very assertive about a logical application for the algorithm


So in the end, nothing even matters


Good point…

Heck, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.
I’ll stay on this wagon until the wheels fall off, and once I’m thrown to the
ground I’ll get up and start walking again. :rofl:


I truly don’t understand why they’re even continuing this system. The Forum is full of so much blowback from this initiative that they had to create three separate topics to contain it all. If a huge part of the selling community is upset, why aren’t they responding???


I’m guessing that Fiverr staffs are now being bombarded with angry/upset messages from sellers. (I myself was tempted to message them too at one point)
I think they are too busy responding to those messages, plus CS staffs don’t check out the forums.

It would be nice if a weeks from now they decided to change the system again and
go back to what it was.


It was fairly similar when the star-rating system was introduced. There were loads of threads full of people bemoaning it and threatening to quit the site. Some were even saying it’d be the end of Fiverr.

We all got used to it. I guess Fiverr expects we’ll get used to this new initiative. We probably will.

I hope the new system at least gets a few tweaks if it does stay. Perhaps some kind of allowance for accidental orders or buyers who don’t read gig descriptions properly.


I suspect the blowback is going to be enough on this one and the monthly evaluations for Fiverr to actually reconsider the move. When people begin feeling like freelancing is a job that’s not fun anymore or when they no longer have a say about which customers they can do business with without fear of losing levels, this may end up doing more harm than good on Fiverr’s side.

Just an observation - and I could be wrong.

As I said before, it would be wiser if Fiverr took more of a six-month stance rather than a month-to-month stance. Even a full-time job gives a yearly evaluation on your performance. And, we’re not supposedly employees of Fiverr, but this kind of evaluation can make one feel like it.

Great if I keep my TRS status; Bummer if I don’t… In the end… I’m only going to do what’s best for me and mine.

Forgive me for any spelling or grammar issues - I’m still in the midst of waking up.