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So Is this gig over-priced?

I just created a printed t-shirt gig. Is it too expensive? What do you think of it in general?
P.S. for some reason the actual gig gallery won`t show in here.

Thank you.

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This is a competitive category, so there are many out there on Fiverr that offer this for the same price as you or cheaper. In terms of your gig, there are too few designs in the gallery and they are too similar for me. This will attract someone who wants just what you show, but maybe doesn’t leave a buyer thinking that you have the creativity to do something completely different.

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If you offer quality work it is not overpriced at all.

Let’s wake up here people $10 is a hamburger not even a good one.

Quality work takes time and skills.

No true professional will accept to sell their time and knowledge for pennies.

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I don’t disagree with the idea of quality work being valuable, but where I live your burger example doesn’t work.

The most delicious burgers here are made from local meat and sold at diners for $3-6 with no sides. A $10 burger would be in a kids meal at a nice steakhouse and made from a small frozen but of cheap ground chuck.

To stick with concept, though, a new burger joint here might sell $1 burgers at a loss in their first month. That drives traffic and future high value sales.


It all depends on the quality of the service that you are looking for.

For example one might spend $5 on a logo and others might go as far as to spend millions.

The same applies to burgers, investigation services, dental care, etc.

IN GENERAL (not always) the value of the service you purchase reflects the quality that you are getting.

In this particular case if the designer would be spending more than 1-2 hours working on a tshirt design for $10 then that would not be beneficial to him in the long term. On the other hand for a much larger price he would most likely consider investing much more effort which would lead to a better overall design.

It is extremely unlikely to come across a truly great designer that will be wiling to take on any project under $100.

With all this being said, I agree with you that when starting off of Fiverr or any other very competitive platform it is a good option to start off by pricing your services lower then their value, build up a clientele and then gradually increase them to reflect the offered quality. This proves to be a good strategy although it should be noted that some of those repeat clients will no longer purchase from your after your prices go up.

All this burger talk is making me hungry.

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It depends on your level of experience and how long it will take you to design the t-shirts. If you can design a basic t-shirt design in perhaps under an hour, I’d say $5 is a fair price. More advanced, you should price higher. If you charge too much for less advanced work, you risk getting bad reviews.

Newer freelancers, even more advanced ones, may want to price a little lower, though, if they are more desperate for orders. $10 for a t-shirt design generally is not high, but I would expect above-basic work.

Also, I would suggest searching other t-shirt designers to see what they generally price their work at.

It’d also help to add actual photos of your t-shirt designs on your gig (especially if you are newer with less/no Fiverr experience), something many freelancers don’t do as they just google images from other sources. I’d mention in the description that the images are your personal designs.

Good luck!

15$ per hour in the United States. .so, 1 professional work within 8 hours = 120$ my friend :slight_smile:
but!! First we need customers :slight_smile:

I can’t stress this enough here on the forums, because Fiverr seems to be overrun with a bunch of rats racing to the bottom.

Don’t under sell yourself.

You might think that this is counterproductive, since you will get less orders (on average), but I can guarantee it’s worth it. Why? Let’s to some math.

You sell 10 gigs for 5$ each. 50$. If you spend 1 hour per gig, that’s 10 hours for 50$.
You sell 1 gig for 50$. If you spend less than 10 hours on that (and you will always take less time to do one order than 10, even if that one order is 10x more complex, because you won’t have to deal with different instructions, different clients, etc.) you will be making more money anyway.

Now for the real kicker: I’m talking from personal experience only, and your mileage may vary, but I find that, quite often, the clients willing to spend less are the most critical and demanding. I kid you not, I’ve had people pay me 5$ or 10$ for gigs and demand revision after revision, while other clients have paid me 50$ for basically the same service, ask no revision and leave a 5 star review right away.

TL, DR: Don’t sell yourself too cheap, not only will you not make more money, you’ll have to deal with the worst clients.

All of this only applies if you have a valuable skill to sell, if all you do on fiverr can easily be done by anyone, you really need to look around to find your niche and create some new gigs.

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Others are right though, don’t sell yourself short - Price at what you’re worth. :slight_smile:

However, again, if you’re newer and really in need of gigs, pricing lower can bring you more initial success; you can always limit how many orders come in at once! And then later, you can up your price.

I actually read an article ( that said one Fiverr freelancer made a million dollars because she posted many gig offers at the minimum price. After such success, she now has gigs priced around $30+. I think I’ll take this advice myself as I’m new to Fiverr, although have been a freelancer for two years.

Wishing you luck and success on Fiverr!