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So is user gone?


So I ordered a spokesperson video, seller delivered a message saying that she will get the video in the afternoon, I contact CS to cancel the order as there were many excuses from seller. No communication (even though on the gig video she said she continiously communicates with buyer). CS cancels order. I use the fiverr currency of the refund to go with someone else…voila happy.

This occured in around december 8 2016. I moved on, after a while I went back to the seller’s profile and found that I wasn’t the only “fake/empty delivery” "bad delivery’ and so forth. not even close.

Out of curiosity, just now, I go look at my cancelled gigs (I only have two, her being one of them), I click on gig, I click on her username and it says THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

So this means this no so nice seller is no longer on Fiverr?


I bet she’s still around… with a new fake account now…


Your seller is not gone. They have simply been frozen in carbonite and jettisoned around the moon for 600 years. It’s very standard practice.