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So it's here ... Excellent work awarded with 1 star

This might have happened to some Sellers before. It’s never a good moment.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance at the end.


Oh my goodness! :astonished::flushed:

He really has high standards! :thinking:

If, Excellent work = 1 star

Then perhaps,
Outstanding work = 2 stars
Exceptional work = 3 stars
Phenomenal work = 4 stars
I died and went to heaven = 5 stars


Yeah, I need a few more moments to reach 5 stars. :joy:

It must have been mistake. That’s how I see it.


Welcome to the internet. Also, sorry this happened to you. F that guy and move on. Better buyers are waiting.


Ahh, the (not so popular) reverse review system. 1 star = excellent work and 5 stars = you robbed me of my money, you rotten maggot. sighs

I really wish some buyers would take the time to actually read how this platform works. But tbh, this kind of looks a lot like hasty reviewing i.e., the cursor/index finger slip. Tough luck @blavaro, sorry that you were at the receiving end of this today.


This happened to me sometime last week, with a very great review. I just assumed it but later realized that it changed to 5 stars. The Buyer must have realized the mistake and sweet-talked the support team to amend it.


They are probably aware (e.g. from ordering food), unless in their country they are in fact using the reverse system, for example as they do in Switzerland, iirc. At which point it could be an honest mistake.

But the bottom line is: the anonymity of the user on the web will eventually attract all kinds of trolls.

Edit: Actually, wait a second. I said that wrong. Iirc, Switzerland uses the 1-6 rating, whereas countries like Germany have 5-1 rating. That’s what I meant. Oops.


Well, according to forum posts, there are buyers who think level 1 is better than level 2 … perhaps they just thought 1 is the best they can give you … maybe someone from some place where school marks are from 1 to 6 with 1 being the best …


They responded to your being #1 for them by doing a number #1 on you (or would that be a #2)

At least they said Excellent. But still, it is like the 4* I got elsewhere where he says how excellent I am but too old to understand how to Mix his cutting-edge misogyny-laden Theft Hop which was sadly so poorly delivered that unless he was a Performance Artist of Cluelessness, it was impossible to get the results he believed were inevitable - if I were not so decrepit.

Rating systems suck when people use them like a weapon or with thoughtlessness.
My kingdom for proper clients.



Well, I understand what you mean.

However, the Buyer´s order history shows they know how to rate the Sellers so it´s not likely they rate 1 for being the best. That´s why I believe it was a mistake.

But it is unlikely to make the mistake twice, means private and public rating. In this case if private and public are different, it would confirm the mistake.

In case both are the same, it would probably mean something else…

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Ah no, it was a joke, because there really were posters who said they had buyers think level 1 is higher than 2, there’s a slight possibility for that, but I also think it was a mistake most probably. Something like they used the phone and thought they’d pressed 5 stars and didn’t notice they hadn’t.
While your post is in the ranting pot, you seem to take it well, so I thought a laugh serves better than unneeded “emotional support”, or the usual “sucks but it happens, move on”, which you know and do yourself anyway.
I think the most common sentiment of at least sellers who “can afford it” is, "if it happens to this buyer once, I’ll consider it an accident, if it happens twice, I’ll block.

What would be really interesting to know is whether The Algorithm does consider discrepancy of public and private review (in both constellations, low public/high private, and vice versa), which is completely possible, and would help us out in cases of accidental bad reviews, as you say, the chances of an accident in both public and private review being low(er). Then again, I think you can skip the private review (?). We’re victims of many coincidences.


Oh yes, can’t agree enough with this point.

But as @blavaro mentioned, if the buyer already knows how to rate sellers on this site and is no stranger to Fiverr, it’s probably a mistake on their part. I wish these kinds of mistakes could be rectified. But the algorithm doesn’t allow for it. Even worse, if you contact CS or the buyer, they take it as review manipulation.

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It definitely looks like a mistake. The main questions are have you contacted customer support and are they going to do something about this, at least check if it is mistake. Because from what I understad, we are not allowed to ask the buyer anything about the rating, especially after it has been done.

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Absolutely not. I am not going to ask anyone about it, it´s the rule.

Honestly, I rather accept mistake explanation. Of course, there is a chance of real Buyer´s dissatisfaction that would be much more devastating…


You can ask customer support, right? You wont be breaking any rule

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This is not the mistake that the buyer done. I just looked at his profile and feedback given to other sellers. From now 22 hours away he just awarded a five-star rating to another seller.
So improve your services :wink:

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Ehh… if anything that proves it was a mistake. The buyer gave five-star reviews with similar feedback to other sellers. I am sure that the buyer just pressed the wrong button or something, and that they haven’t even realized that they have given a 1-star review.

Sorry about the 1-star review, @blavaro. I am sure it must suck when it likely was just a mistake.


You are probably right but still sounds tricky and risky. It could be interpreted wrongly and could cause me a warning.

However, I have already lost and warning should not make it any worser…

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thats the spirit.

But can you imagine how much of a dark place fiverr is if CS give you warning for asking if there was a mistake with a rating? I still refuse to believe that, and I hope i am right.

I leave it up to you because nothing surprises me on fiverr anymore. :slight_smile:

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