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So its simple when a buyer asks to refund just refund him otherwise fiverr will refund

So this happened For the 2nd time to me i delivered all what customer asked for but he contacted Customer support and got refund after 2 months isn’t it unfair.
He got delivery and money both :confused: and Me… ? Wasted my effort and time.

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I’ve been here for five years and not once had CS refund a buyer.

You need to deliver exactly what your gig says you will.

CS does stand behind buyers if they do this.

What you are talking about sounds like a Paypal chargeback which fiverr has no control over.

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But when your buyer gives you 5-Star review and after 2 months he refunds his money. Is it fair?

It depends on the circumstances. In some cases it might be.

Do you understand what a Paypal chargeback is? I feel most of these are not fair but some might be. It depends on if the buyer got what was advertised or not.

I think it reflects the bad intention of the buyer. He just wants his work to be done with no money. So when the task is over, he refunds money after giving a good review.

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yeah it was PayPal charge back but i think fiverr should do some thing against such actions

Not every time. Each time is different.

Let me ask instead of opening a new thread. Lets say I offer a gig about eating chocolates, then a buyer comes and asks me to eat apples. I know I can eat apples. How should I proceed? Send a custom offer… but again the custom offer should reflect one of my gigs… or should I ask the buyer to request a custom order?


How does Fiverr refund your money if you cannot come to agreement with the seller/buyer?

Even without asking any thing from the seller they refunds,

How do I get into contact with them

. I wanted to cancel and refund my money with ( **********) he doesn’t understand anything and not respect deadline and I have evidence about that

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If he is late with a delivery you will be able to cancel your order after 24h after order deadline from your order page.