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So long. I've had enough

[Edited out an extremely long rant about the quality of customers here. For other people being driven crazy by the demanding, narcissistic, cheap people ordering your gigs, I have only one tip: Raise your prices. The more money I asked for my work, the more respect I got, and the better the clients. Your cheapest clients will be the worst headache. Stop catering to them.]

I understand where you are coming from - as I’ve been in the situation myself. Quality graphic work and logo work for $5 is nearly unheard of (apart from fiverr), and most work off fiverr you would get for $50 - $300. With full time study, fiverr during school times is super hard. You find yourself having no time for yourself. No time for fun, or relaxation - just work, study, fiverr. Some customers don’t seem to understand all this - they don’t understand what value they are getting from your work, and underestimate how much time and effort their ‘revisions’ take us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fiverr and it’s ability to get me across to hundreds of clients - I also love most of my customers, the one’s who are polite and friendly, and also understanding!

My suggestion to you is don’t delete your gigs, but suspend them - so you can one day come back to them after you’ve settled down and have more free time. Finish any outstanding orders, as your orders would have stopped coming in now - and reply to any messages. Then, take as much time as needed! Your gigs and ratings are there untouched as soon as you’re ready to go back.

I know exactly how you feel. The week before I reached Level 2 I had orders pouring in and I literally spent an entire week’s vacation from my real job doing nothing but fulfilling Fiverr orders. Every time I checked my email there were several new orders and modification requests. After I reached Level 2 I adjusted my gig description and broke my service down into multiple parts that can be ordered separately as gig extras. My orders immediately dropped off, but I still make as much revenue, if not more, than I did before I hit Level 2. I get far fewer demanding buyers who expect the moon for $5 today, and instead get buyers who are looking for quality work and are willing to pay a fair price for it.

The most time consuming aspect of the work I’ve done here on Fiverr has been making revisions for people, even when I met all of their initial requirements in my first delivery. I really don’t mind making modifications, because I do want my customers to have something they can use and be proud of, but there are always those few buyers who continue asking for more and more and the project never seems to end. My longest order was for $5 and took about three weeks to complete beyond my five-day delivery time. Each time I submitted a design the buyer would change his requirements slightly. I ended up making around eleven different versions of their order, until finally the buyer decided he didn’t like his idea anymore and wanted something completely different, so I said it would cost another gig. By this time I had reached Level 2 and my prices were higher. The buyer never contacted me again. I’ve had a few other similar experiences with buyers, but the majority have been friendly with reasonable expectations and I have enjoyed working with them.

Sounds like you were FAR too accommodating. From what I read on this forum people go to customer support and successfully resolve these sorts of issues. People can’t demand things that weren’t promised, or change the brief after delivery. You need to draw a line and stick to it whatever happens. I hope you soon feel better. Be strong.

I’m sorry to say it but I think that this is your fault, you have to say stop at some point, an intelligent person should understand that time is money, don’t let them use you!

[Edited out another very long rant that brought out both support and a good deal of condescension. Here’s another tip for sellers: Don’t let other people determine your limits. Some people are fine with being walked all over; this doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Be polite, but don’t hesitate to drop customers that aren’t worth your time.]

I feel your words.

Just to share a funny one:

A buyer come to me ask how much to do the project for him. I gave him the price. He said:

I don’t think so!

That’s the end of our conversation.

@yukihyou has left. No gigs and a gone out of business note in bio profile.

Only YOU can decide what YOU will and won’t do. But whatever YOU decide to do, YOU have to do it with enthusiasm and professionalism, even though it’s ONLY FIVE BUCKS.

Don’t set up Express Gigs that are time consuming, or subjective when it comes to interpretation.

Don’t make promises or outrageous claims.

  • Be truthful.

    Don’t argue with Buyers. YOU don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
  • Let a Buyer go and move on.

    Don’t try to educate Buyers. It’s not YOUR job.
  • Say "Thanks for reaching out. I hope you find what you’re looking for."

    State clearly what YOU do, how YOU do it and when YOU will deliver.
  • Don’t succumb to bullying or threats. Stand your ground.

    Good luck!

Reply to @voiceoverwork: This is great. Your post should go in the Seller Tips (maybe you already have and I just haven’t looked). Really good stuff, seriously.

I cannot emphasize enough, first, how important it is to understand your own time and set your gigs at a reasonable time for your schedule. Buyers will appreciate deliveries that are well within your deadline.

And second, how vital it is to be both enthusiastic and professional in every single transaction, even if the buyer is throwing a fit. The great buyers will love you for it and the buyers who try to take advantage will have a hard time making a case to CS when you’ve been pleasant. I learned this from you guys here on the forum: this is a business, so treat it like one!



I’ve taught and written volumes on setting up and running a small business, creating and developing products, self-promotion, marketing and advertising, handling sales, up-selling and knowing when to walk away. And after all the years, I still get that “deer in the headlights” stare.

I too have left fiverr. Only in checking the forum for one last time did I see this post. Total lack of confidence in the system and fed up of people trying to blackmail me into doing free work - it ain’t happening! Fed up of people ordering my gigs and requesting I carry out work for services I don’t sell. And believe me mine were worded as specifically as they could be but then I get “Well you’re the expert so build this blog on it for me” when I wasn’t even selling or building blogs….

Some have stated “Just charge more” - the point people have missed is if you simply don’t offer that service how can you charge more???

Goodnight, God Bless and Best Of Luck To You all. All 20 gigs deleted. Best decision I’ve made and yukihyou I felt just the same. Now I wake up smiling again.

Oh cmon you guys sound like a bunch of quitters. I thought America(Mexico included) was #1! :ar!

I dunno OP its only been 6 months for you so technically ur still a noob :). Some of us have been on here for years. The way you could burn out so quickly may be why you are getting some questionable comments in response.

But I do empathize totally. It happens to me all the time. The best line ive got so far was actually from today.

"Its easy, the whole process should take no longer than 5-10 minutes"

Really? If its that simple and easy and you have such an in-depth knowledge of the video-editing process, then why are you not doing this instead of me?(is what went through my head)

Another classic from the other day was, “you did not make it clear that you could not do 1min at this price” The title of the gig in question is "I will do a 30sec prod testimonial"

You do get a lot of people that are legitimate scammers and some are so brash and brazen as to admit it up front. I chalk it up to being the nature of the business. This is the internet we are talking about after all.

You wouldnt hear a nurse say “all I work with is sick miserable people all day”. Or a cop that says “man am I tired of dealing with criminals and scum all day”. Maybe a garbage man who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty?

I had someone do a paypal chargeback the other day leaving my account in the red. Beat that! I look at fiverr as a great way to practice my communication and business skills.

Heres a weird tip that might actually be a terrible idea but what the heck. Why not go out in a blaze of glory? You really shouldn’t worry about your rating so much as I did at first like others, or some of those other stats also.

Like my Grandpappy always told me "Cant trust a guy with no negative reviews"


I don’t answer all of my emails. You can usually spot the troublesome ones. Five-word initial inquiries are usually a tip-off for me. An email that may go unanswered by me maybe something like,

"Hi, I need you to design and deploy a fully functioning website that works and looks just like face book and I need that in done 10 hours for $5"

I try to make my gigs with 3-5 day duration. This way I can leave, and I mean really leave, like for the weekend or something and by the time I get back, at worst, I will have an order that is due in a few hours or a day and some emails to answer.

Doing this I only have to check my emails once every two days. If my response time goes down, oh well. Rating goes down, oh well. These are just numbers. Fiverr will not send people to your house to beat you if you don’t have perfect stats, I promise. The only number that matters to me is the one with the $ in front of it.

I think “you got the order of things all backwards” meaning, you have had several reasons to leave prior and this seems to be the least critical.

Fiver takes %20 percent of your revenue immediately. That doesn’t bother you.

Paypal then takes another %3. That doesn’t bother you.

No phone number to call for support. That doesn’t bother you.

The V2(andV1)system is at best buggy and full of glitches. That doesn’t bother you.

You can only make withdrawals once a day. That doesn’t bother you.

But this? Come one man! GO USA! Happy 2014

PS Hope you guys come back(but if you don’t then less competition for me:))

Another tip for a quick solution to use with unruly clients. Just repeat after me,

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Very well said! Follow these rules, can save a lot of troubles for sellers.

I think I know one of the forums the OP is referring to. Not long ago there was a thread complaining about sellers on Fiverr, here’s what one member wrote:

"I am ruthless as a client on fivver. I stiff providers all the time if the work is not good. If they promise good stuff and it isn’t, why say, “well what did I expect for $5”. No, I say, stiff em and move on. So refuse payment and go back to the well. Hold them to their word, it is not your problem."

It seems a lot of people simply don’t take sellers seriously who are selling their work for “only” $5 - and they feel they have the right to push sellers around and be bullies. Personally, whether I’m paying $5 or $5,000 for a service, I’d NEVER have that attitude toward sellers that the poster did I quoted above. Some people are just jerks.