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So many annoying buyers

I got a threaten by a buyer, we what a refund and He’ll report me on fiverr
I did delivery the order and the first exact what he want!! then after days he message me he wants to resize it one banner to 3 size banners?.. then he threatened me to be report… why God are some people like this!

Unfortunately these types of buyers are far too common in fiverr, your best bet is to work with the buyer and try to resolve it amicably, if the buyer threatens you with a bad review unless you do extra work, then that is cause to contact customer service

Always contact customer service when someone tries to do this to you.

This issue can be a two way street with (i) good sellers, (ii) dishonest sellers, (iii) good buyers and (iv) unmannerly and equally dishonest buyers. You have sellers who cant speak a word of english and, just give them two lines of a gig description, they give you back the Mona Lisa and you have others who, irrespective of your copious description CANNOT EVER understand what you are asking for. All they did was to copy another gig description and now they pretend to be a “seller” I am new here. A friend told me to come here and I could not believe that it was possible to find a site with so many professionals the GOOD, the REALLY BAD and the "I WILL NEVER USE AGAIN & WILL TELL EVERYONE HOW BAD you are (I have dont this twice in close to 100 gigs. When I am looking for a new seller I stick to the “$5 rule” that is I may want a $200 assignment BUT I want to see what a GIGER says they will do for $5!! Invariably a seller who will give you a five dollar gig, derived from what you sent to them, IS THE TYPE OF SELLER THAT you want. I have a group of Elite Sellers who I return to EVERY SINGLE TIME, I do not experiment elsewhere. Just to show you how this is a two way street Yatz07. Sometimes a seller who I have never done a gig with, will contact me out of the blue and ask me for $$ for some outlandish thing. Or when I have hired them ask me to send $$ to them outside of FIverr AND I SAY NO!! Why?? While I can understand the fee issue, my feeling is that no one forced you to come to Fiverr for that $5 fee in the first place and if you signed up for it, keep your word

Take screenshots and send to Customer Support. Try to explain them whole situation.