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So many blocks and spams recently

Are other Pro sellers getting so many spam messages, buyers wanting you to write their thesis/dissertation, and buyers who haven’t bothered to read your minimum price - and then when you tell them they angry-send like 10 replies in 10 seconds? The newest spam is someone pretending that you’ve blocked them and being all huffy and wanting you to email them. It’s been really bad recently, and I guess I just want to commiserate with others.

I know it’s a simple spam, report, block, but it’s still annoying and even when it’s clearly spam it’s getting through more often. I’m not looking for answers, just empathy, I guess. Carry on.


Wow, I am not a Pro but I also have not encountered this problem either.

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I’m not a pro, but I’ve been swimming in spam for the past maybe ten days or so? Quite a few people sent me through numbers straight away, and then many are asking me to write completely unrelated things on my game script gig (letters, papers, everything really) AND, of course, the odd ‘give me some work now’ person here and there. It’s annoying because I often get interrupted while writing (… or gaming, I admit…) I know I could just log off but I do like to be responsive when I’m ‘at work’/ awake!


It happened a little after that SuperBowl ad… I wonder if that had anything to do with it.


I didn’t know such a thing existed. I’m sure that’s part of it. Plus, if they paid for the ad (rather, we paid for the ad), they might be marketing on other channels as well. Maybe it will slow soon.


Yeah! I have noticed an odd surge on spam messages recently. At some point we should do a thread entitled, “Just for Laugh - Messages, Fiverr Edition”… This is my highlight spam message for the week. :joy:

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I’ve had the odd new Seller spam me on my other social media feeds lately.

Nothing in the volume noted here, though.