So Many Bugs just Trying to Create a Gig!


Mein Gott!

Has anyone tried creating a gig recently? It’s about as frustrating as trying to open a bank account in the Cayman Islands.

So slow, so buggy, and then KAPOW! - It’s GONE! Then you start the process over and suddenly it’s 4 hours later, crazy when you thought the worst was done with the 3+ hours video creation you did earlier in the day!

God bless you for trying newbies! I hadn’t realized just how buggy this wee place of ours had become!


I last created my gigs 2.5 - 3 years ago, so forgot what it’s like.


Its a far cry from what it used to be all those years ago.


OMG!! Impossible to submit a GIG!! I tried like 6 different codes and it stay stuck after i enter my verification code each tume! It took me like a hour just to passed throw all steps because each saving took 2 minutes of downloads!!

I’m so sad, i suscribed yesterday to this app!