So Many Cheaters Today


Just today alone, I had 3 guys ask me to do their homework for them. These are college-aged people asking me to do their academic work for them so they can pass their classes. Really? I’m not going to help you cheat your way through college! A degree is a symbol of skill and expertise, meaning you have to EARN that!


I have had that happen too. After I tell students that my gig is NOT for doing homework, the buyer’s reply was, “So how much will it cost me?” Apparently, the word is out there that some sellers here do complete homework for buyers. I even see some of them posting in Buyer Requests, and they have at least 30 offers.


True, granted, 29 of those offers probably look like this:

“Ih, i are good writeer, pleas except my ofer. I will rite profesal paper! Native englesh speker”


If they pay to you i dont see reason why you dont want do that… They will ask someone else and they wil get their essey or what they want…



  1. It goes against my morals.

  2. It’s against Fiverr TOS. Doing someone’s academic work is against the rules.


Ethics. It is unethical and wrong to do someone else’s homework so that they can pass a grade. They are in school to learn. Part of learning is doing your own homework, writing your own papers, and EARNING your own grade.

I find it sad that you are okay with being unethical just to make a quick buck. Shame on you.


100% agree with Jon! and Lucycodex


I would say it’s up to the buyer to decide what ethic is in this case. You can try to talk him out of it but then again it’s not up to us to decide what life decisions he or she is taking.

Sure you can decide not to take a part in it :wink:


hehe very true. :smile:


Do you want to go to a doctor who got his diploma by getting other people to do his assignments? Do you want that kind of doctor to treat your children?


I am getting at least 2 messages per day about school assignments. I think I should make quick response for them :S


How about “No”? :slightly_smiling_face:


So many won’t say no. Its really about what sellers want and believe. In a world where money is most wanted commodity, people tend to do things they find normal without considering the value it will have in the society.


Maybe attach a fitting grumpy cat meme to bring some fun into the boring routine it seems to be for offerers of relevant gigs.


Honesty is the best policy indeed. :sunglasses:


Boom boom pap pap dum dum… skidipip wap wap. Quik mafs



Someone finds it normal to do someone else’s school assignment for money?


That would be awesome lol


I’ve had this too. “Hey can you write my dissertation in thermodynamic science” or WHATEVER and I’m like “wtf?? No!”

a) if you can’t do the work, don’t go to university
b) the last thing you want for a huge essay in a specialist field is a writer who has NO knowledge of the topic. Wtf is the point? Just do it yourself!

Jeez. People, eh?


Now i see. My mistake. We cant do someones else homework. @catwriter
I made mistake so i dont make same mistake more times. You are right Jonbaas shame on me… @jonbaas