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So many days there is no response from any buyer

So many days there is no response from any buyer …How can I get a buyer response …?

I am an expert on Instagram promotion, Email signature, Pinterest promotion also a Business card designer.

can anyone suggest to me how can I get more buyer response?

Advance thank you .


Perhaps promote on Instagram or Pinterest? Isn’t this literally the service you are offering as a Level 1 Seller? I really do question the credentials of SEO experts who ask how to market their own gigs.


I can tell you how to guarantee a response from buyers but you will not like the outcomes from this: Please, solve my problem about Fiverr violation warning - Your Fiverr Experience - Fiverr Community Forum

Put aside the idea that anyone owes you anything. This stops you from working out how to find the right people for you and earn their attention (in a good way).


some time I promote my gig Instagram and Pinterest . but no buyer response.

Thank you
I will try

Isn’t this kind of admitting that your Instagram service is worthless if you cannot even attract a buyer to your own gigs by promoting it on Instagram?


Same here ! I send so many buyer request but nothing happens :frowning:

Thank you for your response.

We all have that. Unless you are prepared to do The Impossibly Large and Unspecified Task for The Insultingly Small Fee, replete with endless revisions and hand the money back at the end - after sending the work over as free “test” of your abilities, no one lands much of anything from BR.

Most BR need only be met with a flamethrower set to High. It is a sad thing but the way everyone seems to want it therefore it is.


Here’s the mistake a lot of newbies on Fiverr make.

They believe that once they join Fiverr that they will be rewarded with an endless stream of income just by being here.

Sadly, that is not true.

When you join Fiverr you open the door to opportunity, but you have to put effort into attracting someone who will go through that door.

It’s a bit like dating for the first time.

That person you are looking for (Buyer) is out there, but they just haven’t found you yet.


I know :frowning: sometimes feel very frustrated and low. So far I have completed my first order but now there is no more work

I understand.

This is where careful (very careful) use of this forum can help shine a light on what need change to let you find your path.