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So many Impressions, no Orders :(

Hi guys,
I started selling here late last month, and last week I made my first sale with only 70 impressions and 3 clicks. I have this other gig with 1000 impressions, 13 clicks (it had 6 when I made the first sale – I’ve been watching the numbers) and zero oders!
Mind you, I have not promoted any of the gigs.

I’ve tried editing the copy, playing around with the tags, but nothing. Here’s the link:

Please advise me what I should do… I’m at the end of my wits here.


That right there might be your problem. If you want orders, you ARE going to have to market and promote your services to the target customers that need them.

Congrats on your first sale…

Most buyers visiting your gig might have some objection when taking a look at your gig. One key question one their mind is:

How is your survey creation service different from your competitors online?

Sorry for OT but these many impressions…impressed! :smiley: I think that it is really nice score without any promotion…:thinking: Still I don’t know the answer of your question :confused:
But I keep my fingers crossed for you, mate!

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Hi, it may help to go through this thread with many tips for new sellers:

Best of Luck!

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Until orders start rolling in, you have to market and promote your gigs.

My work cycle is…

  1. Create new gig
  2. Market and Promote.
  3. Work on Orders.
  4. When Orders slow down, Market and Promote Gig again.

And the cycle continues. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems I’ve got some thinking to do… Thanks.

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I think I’m adopting your cycle too now…

You’re most welcome…

Also add some FAQs to your gig’s description…The FAQs would answer common objections to your gig that buyers have in their mind.

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I don’t know why so, I have joined Fiverr early in this year 2019. And after two weeks I have got my 1st order with only 72 impressions, 9 clicks.
And the story of @dami_designer goes in a similar way.

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