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So many Impressions, views and clicks, but no order!

I need your help guys!

Since I uploaded my gigs, I’ve been getting so many views on my gigs, but no order. I’m constantly marketing my gigs on facebook, sending buyer requests, I stay online on fiverr, but still no order. Please tell me where am I lacking.
Here’s my profile


Are the people you are connected to on Facebook your target customers? Or are they just your personal friends? You should be marketing to your target customers, not your friends. Your customers will buy your services. Your friends are not your customers. Your friends will just support you, congratulate you on a job well done, and hope – along with you – that your customers will eventually buy your services. :wink:

Your friends are not an effective business market.

Where are your target customers located? Figure THAT out, and you’ll know where to find your sales.


Good points, thank you! I AM targeting my specific market, and still not getting any orders, that’s what exactly the problem is. With so may impressions and clicks, I should’ve gotten at least one order on any of my gigs by now. :confused:


brother give your gig in lowest price.then you can get more oders good luck.


Thank you for the reply, but if you visit my profile you’ll see that all of my gigs except for one, start from $5.


yeah…and promote your gig on youtube …its great way to get oders


promote gig on youtube how? Make my own videos, or post links of my gigs in the comments on other videos?

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Make a facebook page, post your gigs their and boosted them by paid some money

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So if the views, impressions etc are increasing and still you are not getting orders, its mean that your content is not that attractive or you haven’t clearly specified details of the content.

I would recommend you to do the following things:
1- Modify gig’s images or videos. (for best results use relevant video on your gig related to your topic)
2- Modify gig’s description. Even you can offer bonuses in gig description.

Hope this will help. :sunglasses:
Best of Luck! :+1:


Thank you for the tips, will definitely follow them.
Could you have a fast look at my profile and tell me if I do not have catchy content or where do I need to make changes?

I am in the same situation here,the only difference is I have had one order and a 5 star review but since then nothing.

Sure But I already told you to focus on your gig’s description and Gig’s Video…

Other thing I would suggest to send buyer requests daily, avail all 10 requests. It will surely help you to get the orders.

Good Luck ! :+1:

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Make your profile attractive. Show them what you actually can do . All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im also in same situation… im new to fiverr

LOL, same here. One 5 star review for an order I completed 10 months ago :stuck_out_tongue: Fiverr removed the gig later on because they thought writing articles was against their TOS. No order since then.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

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I have 5 gigs it get more impressions, views, clicks, but no oder placing…

Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to the people that need your services?

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I have put the link in FB groups such as Small business owners USA and also some fiverr promotion groups in FB

Are you getting views for your gig?

  • If you’re getting views but not sales then the promotion is working, but your offer is not appealing enough to close the deal.
  • However, if you’re not getting views then the promotion on FB is not working. You haven’t found your target audience.

If I was in your shoes, I’d work on the gigs you have.
Here’s what you can improve

  • Write your own gig description
  • Correct the grammar mistakes in your profile
  • Add more items to your portfolio (use a grid layout with 10-15 logos).
  • Remove unlimited revisions
  • Remove “Most popular”. (You haven’t made any sales)