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I used to get them once in a blue moon. Now I get them like…well I have had 14 this week. It’s not the quality of the writing that is the issue either. It is like “hey, i forgot to tell you this, so please do it now” (perhaps adding an extra paragraph or two), “i forgot to read them, I just want to reject the gig so i can check the quality before it marks automatically as complete” (this one was instantly sent back!), “your writing is far too intelligent for my readers” (despite this buyer running a website for CEO and upper management). With some requests the writing is top notch but people want to make modification after modification after modification. I have had one gig that has been rejected 6 times. I have no idea why it gets rejected. He just highlights ‘changes’ and then I have to meet them, and then there are new changes! I used to have on my gig that I did not do edits. I took that off about eight months back.

Thankfully, I discovered a new trick! The ‘count down’ until the payment goes to processing continues when you get a modification request. The buyer also can’t cancel when requesting a modification. This means if a customer REALLY does not get it you can leave the modification for three days and send it. It marks as complete automatically. Any negative feedback will potentially be removed as the client asked you to do much more than your gig states (had this once already), and you do not have to worry about constant edits!

It is getting annoying. Why the hell are people sending so many modification requests nowadays?

ryangillam said: It is getting annoying. Why the hell are people sending so many modification requests nowadays?

My guess would be that more sellers are putting "no edit/revision" statements in their gig descriptions so your willingness to modify has become a big attraction.

If it's that annoying, maybe you should just reinstate your no edit policy - if it has too negative of an effect on orders, you can always lose it again.

Seriously, even if you are perfectly willing to do modifications, even when the buyer “forgets” to include vital instructions (sorry, but that just ticks me off…the buyer made a mistake…I’m not a mind reader, there’s no logical reason why I should be held accountable for that), I’d echo what itsyourthing said and just stick a no revision policy in your gig description. Some people won’t read it and still demand a fix, but most people will realize that they are getting a significant bargain for $5 and be perfectly happy with the first draft.

emasonwrites said: Seriously, even if you are perfectly willing to do modifications, even when the buyer "forgets" to include vital instructions

I am not willing sadly. However, customer support does very little to actually help when a customer needlessly rejects a gig so you are pretty much forced to do so. They actually allow people to leave negative feedback if the customer changes the specification afterwards because, and I quote, "the customer has every right to do so"

It does actually say "no modifications" once a gig has been ordered (in the notes) but people are just not paying attention to this.

I will most likely slide it back into my gig again at some point soon.

I think the only problem I have really is that people request modifications then bug you every hour until you have done them. Highly frustrating when I have other gigs on my plate.

I call it the Lazy Syndrome

Many clients don’t put the effort in their requests knowing that they can always request a modification if they screwed up.

A gig like yours is prime for that type of client. My whiteboard gig may be a close second. In my case, the client has to send me a script for me to do the whiteboard. In some cases, it is pretty obvious they did not put much thought in to their script. Why? They know that if the delivered work isn’t to their liking (even though I followed their script exactly), they can request a modification. And yes, I have in my instructions no revisions unless I made a mistake. It doesn’t matter. They know you will do the modification or they will give you negative feedback.

I have no problem with doing modifications but in many cases buyers abuse it. But for whatever reason, Fiverr seems to always come to the buyers defense and acts as if all buyers are reasonable with their demands. Fiverr’s philosophy is that all sellers have to do is ask, and an unreasonable buyer will all of a sudden become reasonable and say “its ok, you did what you said you would and you don’t need to modify it – here is your thumbs up even though I wanted more than what was required for you to do the job”

Reply to @steveeyes: Or, “Remove my unwarranted, negative feedback after I’ve stopped responding to your messages? Sure! All you had to do was ask, silly.”