So Many Scammer Lately


Lately I have received many inbox asking for gigs that I don’t offer. Mine are lead female vocals, stop motion video, movie trailer, and backing guitar. And I was asked for pictures of myself (reason is for the kids =]]), do I know fiverr for university students, etc.,

There also a guy trying to get my email, my ID… he tried to trick me by saying he need me to sing 3 songs in 1 day. Offering a big money thinking I would fall for the scam.

This might be a normal situation for everyone but I am looking for some advice when it happens again.

What kind of scam do you usually get? So I can be prepared for those cuties :slight_smile:


Yes i got some scam messages too. just press the Report button. that linked Report text link is near where the time of message is showing.



Reply to @abidagfx: I already did :slight_smile: but do you know any other kind of scam that i should be aware of?


Reply to @giangpiepie: There are tons of scams on Fiverr, too many to just list them all. Search the forum for “scam.” Just be wary about anything that seems unusual. I couldn’t understand everything you said in your main message so I can’t respond to all of it, but pretty much if the message doesn’t feel right I wouldn’t go for whatever it says.


Yes i got the same message form more then one users message some thing _ they want to transfer big amount to me etc" long message!!

same old scam messages that some time we got on our mail box.

i immediately reported these messages.


Well as the old saying goes, first comes the innovators, then the imitators, then the idiots. Fiverr is entering a stage where idiots are trying to gain easy money.