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I can’t believe the scams that I get in my email…and the junk mail is out of control. Though, I respond to everyone so my response rate doesn’t plummet.

The best joke of a scam is: I’ll order 2 to 3 orders a week for a few months, so give me (the Buyer) a discount and let’s start with this first order."

You know what I have to say about that, "Get the F*ck out of here!!!"

What’s the most idiotic scam or trade off you have received?

In my book, the fact we have to respond to these idiots is the most idiotic scam. It only encourages them no matter how you respond. UGH…fiverr response rate, buyers requests, and so on. Is fiverr trying to be king of Spam/Scam by providing features that make scamming a delight for those who spam and scam?

I’ve gotten a lot of interesting ones. One of them was basically asking me to hack into someone’s Facebook account and change all of the info. When I said I didn’t feel comfortable with that, they said:

BYE! Dont ever contact me again. SO FAIL!! I swear. CANNOT even find decent help on here!!

Okie dokie! The worst are the ones where people don’t even ask about jobs, they just tell me what they’d like to do to me sexually. I’ve reported all of these people. Thankfully most of them get taken care of from Fiverr Support. I’ve also had people create new accounts just to keep harassing me. Very frustrating that we have to acknowledge these people to keep our response rate up!

Gotta love when people come out of nowhere and ask for discounts because they are going to order “many more.” Uhm, no. I’ve been here way too long to fall for that.

Lately, beware of people who want you to visit their website and watch some videos, or download their app before ordering. There are people looking for traffic and downloads. They never actually order. 'Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We don’t have to respond to scammers to maintain response rate. This is from Fiverr’s blog (a post about response time / response rate):

"Problem: Spam.

Solution: Spam and solicitations do not require responses. Instead, you can report them to our team."

So I assume that if we click “report” there’s no need to respond.