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So many scammers? :( Even in Buyer Requests section? Here is an idea, how to remove this "Self-Advertising Requests"!


Probably anyone has seen this “Self-Advertising Requests” like

Make for you Art of your Face :slight_smile:

Almost every time I search where to sent quotes, there are many of them!
My idea is putting a flag or report option, which will help us remove the self-advertising requests. May be it will look like that:


We had something like this but it did very little to keep them at bay. The only way CS will do anything is if they are reported directly with a screen capture of the post. I’ve given up trying to inform CS of these repeated infractions as the only solution to keep it from occurring in the first place is to have these posts screened by actual human eyes.



There’s a “Remove Request” button for every request. I’m wondering if that only hides the request on my list, or whether it actually removes the request from the system, or at least hides it until it gets approved by CS?
Anyone know what this feature really does?


It hides it from you, not from everybody else. :slightly_smiling_face: