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So many seller request in the buyer request page

As seller here on fiverr, i am always checked buyer request page. But there is so many requests by sellers. Is there any problem with my account

There is no problem with your account but rather there are many ignorant sellers posting their services even though it’s against the TOS.

no, not at all . your account if fine its just some very ignorant new comers trying desperately to make some money . they are so much “professional” as they promise to be that they have no idea that there might be some rules or may be whole bunch of regulations and system that runs fiverr . And we can do nothing about them everyday some one finds out about fiverr and gets desperate to earn money . we have to bear with it .
p.s - this problem will cease to an extent when vacations will be over . and colleges will reopen .

thanks for the advice my friends

Its very helpful for you sellers…

It is a annoying thing. Its clearly mentioned that it is buyer request but still sellers are requesting there. I don’t think these sellers have quality skills or good knowledge about fiverr. :rage:

Yeah, don´t worry, it´s not your account, it´s at least 97 other people seeing the same thing as you :wink: … come over here to *Site Suggestions’ and vote/comment! :slight_smile: