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So many sellers posting in the 'buyers request'

So many sellers posting in the ‘buyers request’

I say banish them forever :slight_smile:

Joking aside maybe a 3 day ban of their account may make them think twice


I think we need to ban everyone who keeps complaining on the forums about sellers posting in the Buyer’s Request section. This is nothing new, and has been complained about constantly, by new sellers that don’t like having a plethora of buyer ads to respond to.

Yes, seller’s posting in BR is wrong. But do certain people really need to be playing the “it’s not fair” record about it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…?


Well maybe if fiverr did something about it you wouldn’t get so many complaining about it

Rules are there to keep some sort of order. No?

And maybe, if those people stopped complaining that they can’t have more BR ads to respond to (because, as the complaint goes, sellers are stealing space), they would find other, more productive ways to earn their sales. Like taking responsibility for their own success, and marketing and promoting their gigs on your own, instead of expecting BR to provide all of their leads. :wink:

If there are sellers in BR, skip over their inappropriate ads, and scroll down the list until you find a buyer’s ad that you can respond to. And if there aren’t enough buyer ads… go find your buyers on your own. Build your own success. Don’t expect someone else – or Fiverr – to do it for you.

It saddens me how lacking common sense and hard work are here on Fiverr.

nothing to do with lack of ads to respond to
more to do with bad manners
maybe you don’t mind people jumping ahead of you in queues :wink:

I don’t see how this is applicable. How does the concept of queues have anything to do with the Buyer Request section?

good manners, following rules

That still has nothing to do with queues. There are no queues associated with the BR section.

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