So many sellers with gigs using image generators


I see so many “photoshop” or “drawing” and “artist” Fivers simply using automatic auto generators online that take a total of two seconds and the person paying could do them in the same amount of time. In my opinion, these shouldn’t be allowed.

What’s almost funny, which isn’t, is that when a user complains that the person couldn’t add text, they claim that it wasn’t in the gig, however in reality, the Fiverr seller doesn’t even know how as they’re just instantaneously created with a generator that requires no skill and is free for the public to use.


On a plus note - the work of the ‘amateur’ or unskilled photoshop brigade is generally appalling and a great advertisement for the highly skilled retouchers, compositors and digital artists.

Unfortunately, it seems to be very difficult to find those of us who are diamonds in the rough.




Well, yes, this is really annoying. In the section where my gig is situated, there are lots of gigs, simply crated by online generators, which is kinda discouraging. I spend a lot of time to make something unique, which best fits the customers’ needs. After all it is buyer’s problem as well. If you want to pay for something that costs nothing, then go on.


Same here. I’ve made all the service icons of mine just to make and show that my service different than the rest.


I’m glad I’m not the only person irritated by these sellers preying on those customers that know nothing about graphics, photoshop or generators. Scam artists, imho.

mystery31322 said: sellers preying on those customers that know nothing about graphics, photoshop or generators

Sorry, but I take great issue with what you stated. Why, if they know nothing about how to create these things, should they be prevented from obtaining services that they may desire and appreciate...and be satisfied with? And could you explain in more detail about how they are being scammed?
Full Disclosure: I use digital processing to create the effects used in my Gigs.


Just ignore them. Also you can always ask for portfolio to making sure that seller can do that work properly.


I have been looking for graphic design work recently. I literally was just telling my husband how annoying it is to see people charging money for a free photo editor. For instance, my phone came with a photo editor app already installed. I can get pencil sketch, cartoon, black and white and also has a perfector option that smoothes my skin, whitens me teeth, slims my face etc. All of these things were included on my no contract phone. It’s something that honestly should be obvious to buyers. I’m not tech savvy by any means but even I know that it’s a scam. I don’t know how people get so duped. I don’t trust any graphics sellers that will only do a version of my portrait or other provided photo. If a seller can’t create something based on a written description and possibly a reference photo but it’s not mandatory, then they aren’t an artist I’m interested in dealing with.


I would assume with an image generator you would need an image or photo to start with, if that so then wouldn’t it be really time consuming doing anything original?

The way i look at custom art these days is it doesn’t matter too much what tools and methods were used, what matters it the vision and the final image. Personally i prefer drawing on paper but most of the time i continue improving the work after scanning using a drawing tablet and simple drawing software.


Reply to @ricksper: I can only speak for myself, but I generally agree with what @mystery31322 is saying. I consider it a scam when I read a gig title and go through a gig description and see no reference to the use of effect-generating software. I’m always especially annoyed if the content implies that the seller is actually “drawing”, or worse, comes right out and says that. You are honest in stating what you do (“digitally process your photo”) and I respect that. I just wish all those other sellers would be honest, too.

Obviously, to create a quality product takes skill and a good eye. I’m always suspicious of sellers trying to make it sound like they’re doing the actual drawing, and figure most of them probably can’t be counted on to do a good job even with the software. My personal opinion is that those sellers are looking for ways to make “easy” money, and have no understanding about what makes an image outstanding, or why the software alone doesn’t have that “critical eye” needed to do that.


Reply to @mgjohn78: yes it doesn’t matter what tool they used. but i prefer electronic


Automatic auto generators is simply another form of fraud without creativity. Nothing can be done to stop it.


It is a shame for any genuine designers on fiverr that most are nothing more than scam artists or total amateurs at the best. They talk big but upto date 6 months later no one has actually produced anything. I am not looking for $5 gigs i am looking for quality work. I think most just use pre installed templates and can not actually design anything slightly out of the ordinary. Given up looking on there, i could do better myself im sure!


Reply to @watzits: In my opinion, this gentleman is by far the best graphic designer on fiverr:


Reply to @mrproofreading:

I’d have to agree. Great stuff. Definitely worth hiring! :smiley:

I know a certain JonBaas guy is pretty darn good too (although, at the moment, the best of my own artist portfolio has been developed in projects off of Fiverr).


I recently made a logo gig and asked people’s opinions on it and I got the comment that I use some sort of logo generator. That isn’t the case. I used Illustrator for the gig. Sometimes things may look like something that they aren’t, I guess.

I also draw with pen and paper, then scan the work and colour it in photoshop. I’m sure that no one here think’s that it’s any way fake.

People who advertise them selves as professionals and experts and their work is something quite else make me puke in my mouth daily. It’s awful.

This is a good thread. Thank you.


Reply to @mrproofreading: well he has one gig using one of the actions you guys describe in this very thread yet you do advertising for him :slight_smile:


Just deleted my logo gig and created a new illustration gig.

I don’t want to spam you with links but I would greatly appreciate if some of you people would take a look at my blog illustration gig for opinions.

I know you have more experience in Fiverr than me so your opinion really matters.

Thank you and sorry for self promotion.


Reply to @radugeorgescu: I’ve not talked about anything in this thread.

I simply commented that, in my opinion, Jon is the best graphic designer I’ve encountered on fiverr.


Reply to @mrproofreading:

It must be! :wink: