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So much spam! :(

I am getting more spam than ever right now and hardly any genuine leads all of a sudden. Anyone else?

I’m an image editor and I posted a couple of weeks ago because I was getting a number of messages from buyers asking me if I would do things that are illegal like editing bank statements and photoshopping IDs. Obviously I will not do these things and I asked for some advice on these forums as someone had gone ahead and placed an order during the night for something illegal and I didn’t know how to cancel it. In the end, I had a good experience with customer support who cancelled the order for me. It didn’t appear to affect my stats but since then, I’ve had very few sales…

On that previous thread, a number of people on here recommended that I add a message to my gig description stating that I do not do edits which involved any illegal activity to try and stop these requests coming through. Thing is…I think it’s got WORSE! I’m tempted to remove that sentence now to see if it makes a difference because I feel like it’s only added some keywords and attracting the very people I’m trying to avoid. I’m still getting messages which ask me to do shady things and lots of the annoying “hi” and “give me a job” messages. I’ve even had requests which involve nudity and disgusting things and this wasn’t happening before. My first couple of months on Fiverr were going great up until all this. :frowning:

I was getting multiple sales each day but this week, I’ve had very little. Could changing my gig description combined with the cancellation have caused all of this? I had two other cancellations this month (not for bad reasons - just people wanting to use a voucher or change their order).

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Yes, anytime you change your description it takes 24 to 48 hours to get things back to normal if there is such a thing as normal.

Oh, my! :flushed:

Hang in there. After all the shady :female_detective: :male_detective: buyers have figured out you are not :dark_sunglasses: shady then things should be good for you.

I had that experience just yesterday.

Hang in there. Things will get better.


Every cancellation can harm your gig ranking, no matter the reason.


Thanks Vickie - I hope so! :slightly_smiling_face:

It sucks :frowning: I wish there was another route in the resolution centre/cancellation process for reasons like that. I guess it would probably be misused though. Any ideas on how long it can take or things I can do to recover?

At least it did not affect your stats. Also, I had a new seller order by mistake two days ago and it did not affect my stats or my conversion rate. However, it still shows as a cancelation on my analysis page. :roll_eyes:

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Delivering great work and getting great reviews is the only thing that comes to my mind.


absolutely:+1: right

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