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So much work and I can't handle it!

Hello! Everyone I hope you all are good and safe.
Actually, I’m a student and I provide video editing and photo animation services but recently I’m getting so much work that I’m never free and in this way, I literally get no time for my studies and very little time for sleep and sometimes the work get delayed. I just want to manage both. So my question is that what can I do? Can I hire other freelancers to divide the work? Or any suggestions from senior freelancers are welcome :relaxed:

I also heard about Fiverr studio but I don’t think everyone can set it up as it’s still in beta or something. I don’t want to cut the orders in half by setting any limit on my gig I just want some suggestions on how can I manage it all.



You have a good problem. You can extend your delivery time, raise your price to put off the cheapies, or set your Out of Office.


Raise your prices. That is what I do every time I feel overwhelmed with work. Soon you will find that you earn more and have more time. If you become overwhelmed again, you simply raise your prices again.

I do not recommend outsourcing your work. You could do it, but you would need to have absolute confidence that those sellers will deliver to the same standard that you do. I know I wouldn’t be able to trust that.


I would suggest raising your prices. If you’re getting too much work, you might be charging too little. Have you read this thread yet? How to Up Your Prices Sensibly and Sustainably - UPYOUR


Hey! Thank you so much, guys! @leannelrivers @vibronx @imagination7413 yeah I’ll increase the prices as I get on to the next level next 15th! and @imagination7413 I’ll read the thread. Once again thanks a lot for providing you valuable feedbacks.

I will tell you that even though it is difficult, I know that it is very difficult to continue using fiverr as well as studying. If you continue using fiverr, you will not have to worry about your future career. I’m not a big freelancer to suggest you.

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The best will be to hire other freelancers


Nope, I would not suggest that. The buyer wants the quality of work that the OP shows in his gigs.

I know there are sellers that outsource their work, but I would be hesitant to trust my reputation to just anyone.


I agree with @vickiespencer and @vibronx. Outsourcing your work is a risk and will probably create more of a workload as you try to manage each task and the communication with other sellers. And don’t be afraid to use your Out of Office. I know there are plenty of sellers who avoid using it as they think their sales will plummet. I use it often when I need to manage my workload or just have some time to spend with the other human being that apparently lives with me. I’ve never experienced a drought of orders after turning OoO off.


Give yourself a pay raise. I just gave myself an extra $10.


Well, I would not agree. The golden rule of crossing the border to the small group of these lounging under shades in the tropics and earning at the same time is outsourcing. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think the OP has time to lounge about in the tropics.


Not necessarily the only way to do that.

Also, some of us like working. Holidays, yes, I like those, but I could never be the kind of person who “lounges in the tropics”. Just not me. I need to work and leave my mark on the world. I suspect others in here feel the same way.


I appreciate reading all the great advice you give to other sellers. On their behalf, thank you!

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I think best solution is you make a team. it will help other freelancer.
Raise price and and extend time is not the solution.

That is the solution that helped me to become a TRS. :wink: