So My 1050 reviews gig with video is ranking 100 positions below this gig


Just found out in the online marketing/seo category my gig with more than 1050 reviews and a video is ranking 100 positions below this gig , please see the gig image :slight_smile:

Obviously nothing is wrong with Fiverr search algo, it is just my fault


what do you mean that


Easy, update your gig images!

Get a shot of you in a Speedo, stick your rear end out, give a saucy, pouty look over your shoulder…y’know, look coquettish. Cuz, like, sex sells. Even on a “family friendly” site like Fiverr where it’s against the ToS to post or send “adult” or “uncool stuff”.


Thanks for the suggestions :), but it would look creepy if a guy did that :slight_smile:


I can’t believe this has produced any sales! It seems extremely unprofessional and desperate (my work is sub-par but her a$$ is five stars, please hire me!).

I don’t get it. The ad is confusing, is he a human trafficker or web marketer… Who knows! My guess is that the only people hiring him are people who would be happy with either.