So my first gig I would say


I’m new here and exploring the site. I initially almost closed down the account (if it’s even an option here) before I got an advice to set up a convo.
So here’s my first gig if I can say it thay way…
Still exploring the site, wonder what comes up.
By the way, my profile picture display is an original from me!

What have you found while exploring the site???


If you want to succeed, all you have to do is to offer an excellent service and strive to make your customers 100% satisfied with your work. You may not receive orders in first few days, but later, you will receive some orders. Make sure to create as many gig as possible with some variations depending on your expertise and needs of your target market. You can also join the Fiverr Forum and promote your gig in the My Fiverr Gigs section. Sending offers for Buyer Requests is also a good move to get some orders. One of the most important things is to keep in touch because if you get an ordered cancelled in first few weeks (or if you receive some negative feedback), it has a significant impact on your ratings.


@wddweeras1 thank you so much for the helpful input. Wish me luck!


You have no gigs on display. You need to create a gig and check that it is working.


Your profile just need Some gigs.


Thanks @king_of_kings
Will get on with that now


Thanks @lloydsolutions
You are right
I kinda struggled with how to go about that before but I think I’ve sort of found a way, anyway I’ll create a gig and see what comes up for me…
I do appreciate your input


You are welcome. Check out the Fiverr Academy for tips on getting started.:slight_smile: