So, my seller reported me


My (very) original request: "someone to take my $5 and laugh wildly about it on camera."

His response: “I will laugh up a storm hysterically in an idiotic impressive way for a fiver lol”

I responded asking for an energetic video featuring wild laughter and light taunting, as if he really did take my $5. An odd request, but after all, he inquired. His response was:

“I don’t feel comfortable doing this. Give me your contact info or something that will tell me this is not a scam to get me to say “I took your money/five buck/blah blah blah” so that you can scam people out of money and give them video of me saying I stole your money. Tell me I’m wrong, I already reported you to fiverr just in case. Tell me your reasoning behind what your asking me to do”

Who is at fault here?


oh I see…that seller misunderstood you totally and acted like he was going to be busted!

Well…I guess it is an issue with that seller…he is over careful…

you can ask support team about this I guess…Because negotiating is now not in the list …he already reported you right…So there is no point of negotiating with him…ask support team to solve that issue…


This sounds like a communication breakdown. Maybe something further was said by one of you in the communication which lead to confusion here? It does sound to me like the seller has misunderstood what you were asking for, but its not far away from what they are offering initially and its very strange that he has asked you for your contact details which is a big no-no and will get him into serious trouble and reported you as well, which is going to cast a spotlight on him if support reads the messages.

I think reading the message though he has misunderstood “taunting” as him saying something along the lines that he has conned you in the video and it does sound like a big communication breakdown. Since they have asked you for your contact details I would personally not respond to him further and direct this to support.


I am not sure what I going on here but if there is not an actual transaction taking place then I wouldn’t pursue it, it their is a sale then I would take this up with Customer Support


As an example, here’s a seller I worked with previously:

Under ‘Work Samples’, you can see an energetic, hilarious video that the seller himself said he had a great time making. Best $5 purchase I can remember.


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, you got it right. :slight_smile:

I suppose I did add the “taunting” request in afterward with no prior mention. That probably did it.

I expected a little something though, after all I wasn’t literally giving away $5. I just chose a request that wouldn’t take much effort, but was still worthwhile.


Reply to @markp: Sounds about right, I still find it funny how he broke the rules then reported me. Keep in mind my request asked for someone to laugh ABOUT something. That “something” had to be conveyed through the video somehow, else it’s just asylum-style random laughter.


I think the take your money part is the red flag right there.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Of course…I was thinking the exact same thing.

Either way, a mutual cancellation solved everything.

Though, I’m still offended. Is there any way to report him for the attempted invasion of privacy?


No one is at fault here… its just a communication gap which can be easily resolved by explaining the purpose of video to seller… or simply - look for another seller :slight_smile:


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Yeah, just report him to CS…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: You get .35 cents as you are correct! Blatant ask for contact info - funny he then reports it as Fiverr in investigating should see his request for contact info.