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So new it hurts

Hello there, I’m new, from the US. And I’m so overwhelmed.

I posted a few gigs. And I know sewing and resin use may not get many hits on here for a bit. (But who knows. Resin is starting to get noticed, finally.)

So what can I say? I’m also good at building computers. Good at math, and science. And strange me has an A.S. in Criminology but works as a seamstress at the moment. The world works in funny ways, huh?

Well, good to meet’cha!


Welcome to the forum, and best of luck on Fiverr!

I think that’s fantastic!

Everyone’s story has its twists :slightly_smiling_face:. While being my grandmother’s fulltime caregiver, I started a creative business from home, and I now offer divination on Fiverr as well.


Thank you so much~!

And that’s so neat. It’s cool how life works. While working at a craft store I got talked into teaching sewing, found out I loved it, and went that way in life.

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A criminal seamstress? Pah there was one of those on Murdoch Mysteries lol

Welcome along. Great to see someone with character.



Haha, who knows, there might’ve been.

Thank you… Gotta have character to be noticed, yeah?

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Of that I would agree.
Altho, it can be off-putting to some. I say: Let them eat cardboard.


Hello Welcome to Fiverr community

Hi, Fiverr community,
I’m a newbie here, welcome to my profile, as a newbie I’m still skeptical about how to use this app. I joined this community yesterday and I’m so excited to work here, I can design anything using canva.
Thank u so much for visiting my profile.