So? No order even after buyers says he has paid and even sends a transaction invoice?!?!


Maybe the community is more help than the support team ;)

Greetings Doers,
So I responded to an order from a buyer. He contacted me needing some content written for his website. I accepted and we bantered over the details and reached a conclusion. A decent amount plus a tip if he was impressed. I was happy to get started so I gave him an offer and waited. Apparently, he had already accepted the order and talked like he had an active sale with me. I told I had received no order confirmation and he told me to "check again." Any seller knows you get live notifications about orders and I had nothing, but I went to the sales page anyway and took a screenshot for him.

Just before I sent that, I received a document from him apparently showing a bank invoice for a transaction in the correct amount with Fiverr. We both had our "proof" and we both agreed to bring this up with Fiverr support. I'm just glad he doesn't appear to blame me, and doesn't think I blame him. But I wanted to get the community's opinion on this problem.

So... Any ideas?


Have you got anything at all in ‘manage sales’ - if you don’t, then you don’t have an order.

He may have a receipt, but it may not be for an order from you.


Hello madskribe (nice username!) I saw a few forum posts by buyers who paid for a gig which didn´t get through to the seller somehow, maybe your case is similar and it might be a glitch, don´t sweat it and wait for Customer Support´s reply I guess.


Nope, nothing in sales at all! I double checked, triple checked, everything. I don’t have any sales open.

He had an invoice from his bank that showed he payed Fiverr the amount we agreed on. Fiverr only allowed me to upload one file in the thread. Here it is:


@miiila (nice one too!) I looked for anybody who had similar problems, but I guess I didn’t look hard enough… I did send a help request to Fiverr support. To be Continued :slight_smile:


I’ve had issues like that… The order automatically appeared after some hours. You can tell your client to reach out to support directly. Contacting support on his/her behalf won’t work


Looks like he paid using a PRE-PAID credit/debit CARD. That is the first issue.

Ask you buyer to contact support. There is nothing you can do in this case.
You don’t have to worry about anything either, since there is no looming order.
The issue is currently between your buyer and Fiverr.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


DJ might have a point there, in the available payment methods it says:

Debit Card: You can make purchases using most debit cards.

Most is not all, so that might be the issue.
If you want to pass the link on the possible methods to your buyer:



So thanks for the feedback everybody! The buyer contacted customer support this morning and they said that they were "Aware of the Issue and were working on it." You all are right when you say I don't have an active order, so that is definitely between him and the buyer.

Thank you everybody!


Glad you got it sorted, and I hope your order does go through soon!


@offlinehelpers Thanks a lot!


Sometime back I had a buyer(on another site) pay using his card. The notification I got was that the funds take sometime to clear. In my case the funds cleared after 4 days.



Thanks you for the continued support!

The order successfully came through and it has since been completed!

-Steven S. (