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So officially I am the most unluckiest person! LOL

:rofl: :joy:
Well, its kinda funny and kinda sad also for me so I literally don’t know how to start this conversation…

I am new seller here on Fiverr, but could have been a level 1 seller by now but I was so close yet so far.
This Screen shot is enough to describe my position and I literally don’t know how should I react to this.

So $400 needed to be completed to get that level 1 badge and here I am standing at $399, :joy: :pensive:, so I guess I have to wait for another month to get that, but I wish it could have happened this month only…

Has anyone faced this situation before, like they were so close yet so far
THANK you for reading, LOL


Aww, I’m sorry that this happened to you lol.

Hopefully, you’ll make $1 in the next month and become a level 1 seller! Good luck!


Congrats on the progress shame it was a single dollar short!


I guess it’s just 30 cents :grimacing:

@technocrysy congratz for achieving this so far, good luck for next month !!


I was $10 short last month for Level Two which was painful to look at for an entire month, I can’t imagine what it would be like having to stare at $0.30.


No way, quite sad :x


Not sad at all, if u deliver great product what you offered, i sit with new seller badge for 6 month, but had up to 40 video edits a month. so ? It doesnt matter of the badge what you have, but the product what you offer and deliver to customer. 98% of my 300+ buyers returns for another one.

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I have no idea what you’re talking about, but we talked here about the fact that some cents were missing for him to reach lvl1


You have done extremely well for the first month! There are people who are on fiverr for months before they get sales like that. Congratulations! You must have a good product or service.

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I really thank all of you guys for your motivation and inspiration that you gave me…

I am not that baffled actually of this situation, it was just that i was very close but still couldn’t get that level 1 badge that’s the reason I posted this, tho I know it doesn’t makes much difference…your quality of the service and the passion with which you do take your business, actually matters…

@krheate Yeahh I am hopeful, next month definitely it has to complete, I have some ongoing projects and I am hopeful march will be the month for me… LOL

@andrewcarpen756 Thanks andrew, getting a response from you is my biggest motivation, I saw your post of your journey that you shared a few days ago and it was really very helpful and exciting to read too…

@wp_kid Indeed, 30 cents that’s what makes me cryyyy… :sob: :sob: :sweat_smile:

@kometbeats ummm it will be hard I guess, but its okk, I started on june 2020, so I guess its 7-8 months later that i reached so close so if I can wait for this long then why not push another month… lets see what happens, hope for the best…

@psykkopatte yeahhh it is sad but nevermind… and how can I forget, congrats for your level 1 badge, I guess you were supposed to get it this month, you posted a few days ago about that and I do remembered :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

@oskars25 yeahh definitely you are right, but i think u didn’t understood what the post was all about and to be precise I have already waited about 8 month with no badge but nevermind… LOL

And please don’t mind guys i have replied everyone with a single response… IDK I just didn’t wanted to reply individually it would just make the thread longer…


Good luck for next month! I was in your same spot, but I luckily reached 400$ thanks to a tip 5 hours before the evaluation period ended yesterday! :sweat_smile:


I feel you!
About me: the three of for next level requirements are completed but the earnings are 324,8 < 400 :roll_eyes:

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